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General Info

The following online campaigns were played on the IRC channel #agww (server: During summer time, the game times are usually around 18:00 GMT, as the majority of players seem to hail from Europe at the moment. During winter time, the games start at 19:00 GMT.

This also means that most people are online during European prime time, that is, from 10:00 GMT to about 23:00 GMT. Occasionally there are people in #agww at other times, too. Just stay there for a while and keep the IRC client running - if you join the channel and leave right away, the chance of meeting someone is smaller than if you stay patient and wait.

For info on IRC, please refer to If you use Linux, you might try out irssi ( as client, while Windows users probably are best off with mIRC (

Current Time Table

(Yes, I admit, I fancy the Technocratic Union... Time Tables aren't that bad a thing... *g*) -- If there are any changes or errors, please let me know :-)

As it seems that during summer quite some STs and players are unavailable, the online games are on hiatus for the next weeks. Spontaneous game sessions might be announced on the spot in the channel, so stay tuned there!

December, 6th (Tue) Etherites, Go! - 3rd arc, 8th session
December, 13th (Tue) Werewolf: Rage Across #agww - 20th session
December, 20th (Tue) Werewolf: Rage Across #agww - 21st session
???, ??? (???) Bugaisha - The Outsiders - 2nd arc, 12th session
???, ??? (???) Order of Reason: Remnants of a Shattered World - 16th session
???, ??? (???) Technocracy: Alternate Visions - 3rd Arc, 2nd session
???, ??? (???) Technocracy: Duisburg - 20th session
???, ??? (???) Millennium City - 8th session

Running Campaigns

Planned Campaigns

Inactive or Completed Campaigns

List of Players and their Usernames in ST-Logger

The Username in ST-Logger is needed if you want to leave a player a note there.

Chatter Username Other Nicks/Characters ST
Aidan Picks-at-Flies Mandek, Rev_Jones, Raffieto, The_Director Yes
Argillcaeus Argillcaeus --:-- No
Asmodai Asm0dai Asm0dai, Prof_Brock, Daniel_Aabjornsen, David_Grossamer Deadalus, Brother_Ishmael (Juko Laknooen), John_Anderson, Matthew_Deckard, Nathan_Raiser, Niles_Niven, Storyteller, Storytortillo Yes
bumphoney bumphoney --:-- No
Caelian --:-- Lawrence No
Dingo D1ng0 Alladin, _Anna_, Black_Knight, Fidler, Himiko, Jan_Pieterszoon, Jean_Dumont, Marcello_Keagan, Michaelangelo, Minoes, Saemon, Suhayb, Storyteller Yes
dead_girl dead_girl Thana No
FiXXXer667 FiXXXer667 Katja "Trojan Cat" Aasimov, Red_Queen, Rhiannon_D, Rush/Camp, Thomas_Jansen No
Frederic fso Francois_Dupres, Juan Gomez, Niles_Powers, No
Fuzzy Lady_Samantha _Alex_, _Kay_, Lady_Samantha, Lexa, MC_Farstrider, Moira, _Nita_, Sherri, _Willow_ No
heysoos heysoos --:-- No
Lord_Stone --:-- --:-- No
Lou Lou --:-- No
MichaelDracon MichaelDracon Agent_J No
Nimrod ZenCadet Hannibal_Golux, Plotmeister Yes
Phazzy Hikari Lijuta No
qadn qadn _David_, Jacque_Dupont No
Rich Kring Andreus No
Stayka AC_Newton AC_Newton, Camille, Christophe, Conny, Doc_Helga, Dr_Schmidt, Lord_Geoffrey, KevinGrey, Nastassja, PeteSchmidt, Lady_Victoria, La_ST Yes
Sven Marvin_Black Arthur_Addams, Asim_al_Azibo, Bill_Irvine, Marvin_Black, Padre_Jose, Techmaster Yes
T-Boy T-Boy Mark_Hassan No

Who is ST-Logger?

ST-Logger is an eggdrop that runs on one of my Linux machines at home. He provides several services for the channel #agww:

  1. Writing log files of the game sessions
  2. Providing a dice rolling function
  3. Keeping notes users can send to each other
  4. Providing a 'seen' function
  5. Giving you an overview over the next planned campaigns

Click here to read the command syntax of ST-Logger

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