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Etherites Go! Fighting for a Better Tomorrow

February 2004 -- ?

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Mage: Sons of Ether
Storytellers:Stayka and Asmodai
Status: Next session at Tuesday, 2005/12/06
19:00 GMT (20 CET, 13 EST)

Alien gods from outer space! Mysteries of lost temples! Giant transforming robots! Evil Technomancers! Damsels in distress! Ninja Clans from the Far Orient! FNORD! Erupting volcanoes! Technology running wild! Entering Hollow Earth! Diabolical men out to rule the world!

All this, and more, in the issues of our periodical Etherites Go!

Welcome to a world of perpetual early 80s where evil shadow organisations clash with people who are trying to live lives of adventure and technological innovation. In the backdrop of the Cold War, in a changing world, where modern pop culture is taking off, these people end up in things weird, odd and special. They uncover mysteries of their world, all the while ending in the weirdness and never losing hope for a better tomorrow.

Etherites Go! is a game set in an alternate reality of White Wolf's Mage: The Ascension. It doesn't follow any canon plot, and it bends a lot of rules. So what - it's a fun game with a varied cast. The time is the 80s of our 20th century with the Cold War standing mostly still. The Characters each have a gimmick that is either their specialty or their gadget.

The rules are mainly Mage 2nd. Special character creation rules: Attributes 15, Abilities 32, Spheres: 1+9, Backgrounds 7, Arete starts at 1 (max 3), Freebies 25 (7/5/4/2/1).

IRC server: -- Channel: #agww

The Players

Main Cast:

More or Less Important NPCs:


Map of Iceland

Mission Logs:

1st Arc: The Amazon Adventure

  1. The Temple in the Amazon I -- totally unedited (58K)
  2. The Temple in the Amazon II -- totally unedited (80K)
  3. The Temple in the Amazon III -- totally unedited (73K)
  4. The Temple in the Amazon IV -- totally unedited (113K)
  5. The Temple in the Amazon V -- totally unedited (76K)
  6. Sidestory: Anna and Nate -- totally unedited (23K)
  7. Under Attack I -- totally unedited (48K)
  8. Under Attack II -- edited by Fix (48K)
  9. Under Attack III -- totally unedited (68K)
  10. The Volcano Doctor -- mostly unedited (65K)
  11. Introductions and Another New Arrival -- totally unedited (55K)
  12. Visiting Wild Bill -- totally unedited (74K)

2nd Arc: Clone Wars in London

  1. Lady Samantha x 2, Part 1 -- totally unedited (60K)
  2. Lady Samantha x 2, Part 2 -- totally unedited (90K)
  3. Lady Samantha x 2, Part 3 -- totally unedited (47K)
  4. Lady Samantha x 2, Part 4 -- totally unedited (76K)
  5. Lady Samantha x 2, Part 4 - Sidestory: In Bill's Plane -- totally unedited (19K)
  6. Lady Samantha x 2, Part 5 -- mostly unedited (55K)
  7. Lady Samantha x 2, Part 6 -- totally unedited (51K)
  8. Lady Samantha x 2, Part 7 -- totally unedited (89K)

3rd Arc: Evil Underground

  1. Interlude -- totally unedited (60K)
  2. Abducted I -- totally unedited (37K)
  3. Abducted II -- totally unedited (88K)
  4. Nathan on the Jazz -- totally unedited (66K)
  5. Some Preliminary Investigations -- totally unedited (25K)
  6. Planning a Rescue -- totally unedited (31K)
  7. An Earthquake and a Rescue Raid -- totally unedited (48K)

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