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The following character sheets can be used either empty to be filled-in by hand, or already filled-in on the computer.

They are designed for use with the public domain text formatting system LaTeX which you can get for Unix, DOS, Macintosh, OS/2, Atari, Amiga, and VMS.

LINUX users should have no problems, as TeX/LaTeX is usually contained in every LINUX distribution.

For the Windoze and Mac versions you have to look around yourself, I'm afraid I haven't checked for those for years now ^_^

The files are packed with tar, a program that you can find on every Unix system and gzip which is also de facto standard. You use it by simply typing in (for the vampire character sheets): gzip -d vampire.tgz and then tar xvf vampire.tar, or if your tar supports it: tar xvfz vampire.tgz

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