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Valérie LaPlace

Played by: Stayka deyAvemta

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Valérie LaPlace was born in Paris, France in 1972/01/23, as the daughter of an airplane mechanic and a stewardess. Given her parents' backgrounds, it was almost logical that she soon was fascinated by everything that flies, too.

Although her Dad formerly worked at Le Bourget, and CDG-Roissy, he later went to the Aérodrome Chavénay-Villepreux near Versailles, where he set up a repair facility for private planes like Pipers, Cessnas etc.

Little Valérie often accompanied her father to the repair facility, as her mother was away on duty too often. She soon developed a knack for tinkering with machines as she helped her father.

One day, a truly antique Standard J-1 plane landed at Chavénay, and the pilot requested some spare parts to do some repairs of his own. When M.LaPlace offered his help, the pilot thanked him, but sent the mechanic away. Valérie -- then 16 years of age -- sneaked into the shed where the Standard J-1 was towed into and watched anyway. She knew enough of planes by now to figure out that this thing was definitely non-standard. Her curiousity was too big and she crept closer, betraying herself by that.

The pilot, who introduced himself as Dr.Proton, was irritated at first, but when Valérie insisted she wanted to help him with the machine, he hesitantly agreed. Much to his surprise, the girl grasped some of the modifications right away, and Dr.Proton decided to take her up as an apprentice.

M.LaPlace was a bit worried at first when Dr.Proton told him that he would like to see to it that Valérie got an education that befit her best, but when the man visited him again and brought a virtual heap of credentials for a private Institute for Engineering in the vicinity of Paris that he supposedly was a member of, M.LaPlace decided he didn't want to stand in the way of his daughter's career.

The Institute of Engineering was Valérie's dream come true. She didn't know at first that it was the home of several Sons of Ether and their prospective students, but she was allowed to learn and experiment with the wildest mechanical devices. She was given a lot of books to read, among them a French translation of the Kitab al Alacir, and as hoped by Dr.Proton, it did spark her Awakening.

Suddenly the things she build started to work well beyond the expected parameters, and Valérie was utterly delighted. Of course her Mentor, Dr.Proton, was, too, and now he could show her some really interesting things, such as the workings of his modified Autoenergizing Etherengine and the Etheric Protonblast Raygun.

Somewhere in a pile of trash, Valérie discovered a battered jetpack, and when she asked her Mentor about it, he told her it had been all the rage during WWII, but he himself always preferred a proper plane to fly in. He allowed her to experiment with the jetpack, and Valérie used the park around the Institute for her tests. She spend quite a while in the Institute's infirmary due to her attempts to master jetpack flight, but fortunately the SoE employed a couple of Awakened doctors there who took care of the victims of their sometimes not too harmless experiments...

At one time in the infirmary, Valérie read through some older issues of Paradigma again, and she stumbled over an essay by Doc Danvers, the now-deceased Mentor of an adventurous Etherboy who called himself Jetboy. Naturally, she was always interested in anything involving jetpacks, but then she stumbled over the passage: "Of course it is unfeasible that women could ever make good use of this device, if only for purely aerodynamical reasons."

Valérie couldn't believe it. Okay, she always knew that many of the Sons of Ether were slightly backward and often even openly chauvinistic towards women, but this was too much. So she decided she would show them all, and she trained even more diligently. Other than flying around, creating wild theories and building even wilder devices, she loved to shoot at targets with a raygun that she built at first according to her Mentor's specifications, and then with her own model, the brandnew ISEE-gun (Incremental Subplasmic Etherwave Emission gun).

When not much later a Technocracy assault was led at the Institute, the Mirrorshades got utterly smashed by the inventive Etherboys and -girls, Valérie being right in the middle of it with her jetpack & ISEE-gun. As she hadn't taken up a nom de guerre so far, her colleagues decided to call her 'Dame Fusée' (translated: 'Lady Rocket'). Some, who still remembered Jetboy, nicknamed her Jetgirl, a moniker she doesn't really like as she thinks this makes her sound like some silly sidekick...

Now finally accepted in her own rights and not only as student of Dr.Proton, Valérie decided to go out and help the weak and suppressed, further Scientific advances and try to bring Humanity a brighter future...

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