Helice Anvarsin (Sons of Ether)

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Helice Anvarsin

Played by: Stayka deyAvemta


Tradition: Sons of Ether
Mentor: Professor Ion
Essence: Dynamic
Nature: Visionary
Demeanor: Architect

Age: 28
Hair: undefined blonde-brown-red
Eyes: green
Height: 175cm
Clothing: Overalls with lots of pockets
Country of origin: France
Profession: Engineer/Inventor
Languages: French, German, English, Arabic, Russian


(to be written)

Spheres: Entropy 1, Forces 2, Matter 3

Merits: Ambidextrous, Eidetic Memory, Computer Aptitude, Mechanical Aptitude

Flaws:Allergic (Dogs, Raw Eggs), Technobabbler, Phobia (Dogs), Overconfident, Perfectionist, Cleanliness

Equipment: Overalls with lots of pockets that usually contain a varied assortment of tools, scanner, swiss army knife, digital camera, laser pointer, laptop.

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