Dr.Peter Schmidt (Void Engineer)

(NSC Unit-4 - Technocracy: Frankfurt)

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Dr.Peter Schmidt

Played by: Stayka deyAvemta


Peter Schmidt was born in Freiburg i.Br. in 1968/02/01, as the younger of two sons of a totally average middle class family. Freiburg is a a nice, romantic town in the deep south of Germany, but there is really not much going on, and so his youth was spent rather unspectacularly quiet.

While his brother Markus excelled in school and sports, Peter never got really good marks as he was always slightly distracted.

His parents and teachers always thought he was lazy, and they chided him for his inattentiveness. Unfortunately no one realized that Peter was in fact highly intelligent - so much that he got bored too fast in school and then looked for other things to keep his interest.

Due to his utter boredom, he left school with a mediocre Abitur and got apprenticed as a motor mechanic. (Peter got around the compulsory military service for health reasons. Actually this was probably the first time his supernatural abilities manifested, albeit without him actually realizing it - he *wanted* to fail the tests, and somehow the results were just as he wished them to be.)

Peter completed the apprenticeship in the usual 3 years, and he was a truly apt mechanic, and loved his job a lot. Unfortunately he ...improved the cars a bit too much, and his boss was not exactly amused, especially when the modifications were rejected by the TÜV (the German Technical Inspection Authority). So it didn't last long, and he was fired.

Now he was 23 and without a job and wondered what to do. As he had too much spare time at his hands, he decided to enroll at the University of Freiburg, where he began to study engineering.

Unfortunately he was pretty low on money, and so he looked for some students' job. The Department of Psychology was looking for a student who would help them with some devices for measuring certain experiments, and he signed up for the job.

First he had to do a lot of fetch and carry, but it didn't take too long, and his boss, Prof.Mayrhuber, realized he had gotten himself a student assistent who could do far more than only the intended mundane jobs.

As a matter of fact, Professor Mayrhofer didn't really belong to the University of Freiburg, but to the IGPP (Institut für Grenzgebiete der Psychologie und Psychohygiene) and just taught some courses at the university. Moreover, he belonged to the Neutralisation Specialist Corps of the Void Engineers, and he was more than happy to find an Enlightened apprentice.

Professor Mayrhofer encouraged Peter to change his course of study and sign up with the department of Psychology. Under the tutelage of the old Void Engineer, Pete completed his studies very fast and even reached the doctoral level (he did his thesis on "Studies of Extrasensory Peception and Psychokinesis in Twins" at the IGPP). Then finally, Professor Mayrhuber introduced him to the Void Engineers, where he completed yet another training, this time as a member of the NSC.

Peter was utterly fascinated by this new world that was opened up in front of him, and he became a valuable member of a team that took care of extradimensional incursions and alien invasion attempts.

Unfortunately, Pete has one big flaw: he just doesn't get along with bureacracy and forms, and so his Superior (who was utterly fed up that he always had to iron out the problems that arose from Pete's utter inaptitude with forms) asked for his transfer.

As Peter had proven to be a skilled 'Ghostbuster', he was put in charge of a newly formed NSC unit, the not very excitingly named 'Unit-4', and he got some colleagues who also turned out to be minor annoyances to their superiors.

They were to valuable to be ...retired and not problematic enough to warrant Social Conditioning either, so the Supervisors just put them into an Amalgam that was supposed to hunt down Reality Deviants. If they were successful, this would be nice, but if they would fail, then the Union could still send out some more skilled operatives...

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