Branwyn ferch Llyrdis (Sons of Ether)

(Paris und Frankfurt bei Nacht)

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Pic of Branwyn ferch Llyrdis


Appearance: light skin, long red golden hair in big curls that she usually wears in an unruly bun, one green and one blue violet eye (caused by a little Paradox backlash), height: 1.77m (5ft 11in) and slim. Bran usually wears science fiction type coveralls in white or silver.

Age: apparently around 28 (though she's born at January 31, 1958)

Mentor: Dr.Mercurius

Cabal: C.A.B.W.T.I.S. (Creating A Better World Through Innovative Science), the Laboratory of which is currently located at the second floor of the Order of Hermes Chantry in Wiesbaden, Germany (and yes, this is a longer story...).

Sanctum: Gereint's Tower in St-Valéry aux Somme somewhere in the vicinity of Paris, France (it has got a Transmit Gate that corresponds with both the Wiesbaden Lab and Curtis' MoonLab.

Interests: Branwyn is a computer freak and has several friends among the Virtual Adepts including Net_Shark, a resident of La Première Chantry Virtuelle de Paris. She doesn't like Verbena, Dreamspeakers and Celestial Chorus Mages as she just cannot understand them and leaves every debate with them with quite a major headache...

Her hobbies are technical science fiction, and she tries to make the technical wonders one can see there reality. Bran knows quite a lot of languages: Welsh, English, French, Latin and Arabic. She has a Vampire Companion (Gereint of Clan Toreador) and knows quite a lot about the Kindred.

Note: Branwyn was originally the model upon which A.C.Newton was based, as I could hardly play Branwyn as she is presented here. By now they have developed far enough apart that only their similar appearance is notable, especially as A.C. is not an SF fan, she is a space hero in truth... ^_^

Branwyn's History:

She was born in Caerphilly, Wales, Great Britain as the only daughter of a middle class couple.

During her teens Branwyn was an avid science fiction fan and tried to recreate the stuff she saw in the movies or tv as self-made models. When suddenly her plastic beam weapon actually worked and burnt a hole in the wall, she decided she had to become an engineer.

As she loved the French way of life (much to the chagrin of her Welsh parents), she decided to move to Paris and study at the Sorbonne. At the university one of her teachers, Dr.Mercurius, a Son of Ether, realized her potential and took her in his Cabal which belongs to the main Chantry of the Etherboys, the Great Hall in Paris.

When she first got the opportunity to visit the Gernsback Continuum (one of the famous Horizon Realms of the Etherboys), she decided that the Tradition of the Sons of Ether definitely was where she belonged, even though they were a bunch of chauvinistic, old-fashioned old men.

One day Bran met the feminist Sons of Ether Scientist Dr.Alexis Hastings and liked her immediately. Alexis become quite an idol for Branwyn, and she tried to spread her feminist views even in the most traditional Great Hall.

Unfortunately this led to rather annoying tasks she was given, so Branwyn decided to move out in the suburbs of Paris to set up a Laboratory of her own. One of her experiments resulted in an almost fatal Paradox backlash, and she was saved by a lonely wanderer who was at the hunt in the little forest that bore the brunt of the unlucky magickal (err, Scientific) feat.

Gereint took her in his tower (his former Sanctum) and helped her over the attacks of Paradox. When she was okay again, he introduced himself as a Kindred of Clan Toreador who was formerly a Mage of the Order of Hermes. Somehow she liked the shy vampire, and they became companions.

In 1985, Branwyn met two other Toreador vampires, Anchara St.Germain and Jean LeCartres.

Anchara persuaded Bran to break into the Tremere Chantry of Paris and steal their occult library - a plan which actually worked, but only because the Daughter of Ether employed unfair means such as her Spheres of Magick (well, actually Bran considers everything she does to be Science because Magick is so ...unScientific), and they made their break during the day when there were only ghouls on the watch.

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