Anch-Ra of Clan Toreador

(Also known as Anchara St.Germain or Anshara)

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Name: Anch-Ra, Anchara St.Germain, Anshara

Clan Toreador (the only Kindred Clan with a sense of Art and Culture)

Generation: 5 (although currently she has the features of generation 11, but that's a longer story...)

Appearance: light skin with a golden shimmer, chin length blue black hair (although currently it's down to the waist, courtesy of the thaumaturgical ritual Rebirth of Mortal Vanity), amber coloured eyes with golden speckles, height: 1.60m (5ft 4in), and very slim.

Age: 17 (actually she's 3857, but fortunately that doesn't show)

Nature: Director

Demeanor: Bon Vivant

Haven: since 1985 a house in Paris/St-Germain (France), and from 1995 on additionally a house in Essen-Werden (Germany).

Concept: In the past Anch-Ra was a priestess of Ma'at, the Egyptian Goddess of order and justice and served in the Temple of Ma'at in Karnak (Egypt). When she went to the USA around 1974, she began to study medicine, and since 1985 she works as a nature-cure practitioner (first in Paris, now in Essen) who specializes in bleeding (it's nice to let people pay for taking their blood). :^)=

Other interests: Anch-Ra loves to write poetry and became absolutely fascinated with the contemporary Hi-Tech. She loves computers, even though she still tries to figure out who might be the God responsible for telecommunication, airplanes and computers (her bet is on Thoth, but she's not absolutely sure)... She's quite adept in languages and speaks Old Egyptian, Arabic, English, French, and German.
Another interest of hers is Magick, and she not only learned quite a bit of Thaumaturgy during the time (a lot via the original writings of Thoth which she lifted from the temple in Egypt), she also befriended a Scientist of the Sons of Ether, and a former Order of Hermes Mage who now belongs to Clan Toreador.

Physical: Strength 2, Dexterity 4, Stamina 2;
Social: Charisma 4 (captivating), Manipulation 3, Appearance 3;
Mental: Perception 4 (alert), Intelligence 3, Wits 2

Talents: Acting 2, Alertness 2, Empathy 2, Intimidation 1, Leadership 2, Subterfuge 3;
Skills: Demolitions 1, Drive 2, Etiquette 1, Stealth 3;
Knowledges: Computer 2, Computer Hacking 1, Linguistics 4 (occult), Medicine 4 (alternative cures), Occult 3, Sciences 2

Disciplines: Auspex 4, Celerity 2, Dominate 1, Presence 3, Thaumaturgy 4

Rituals: Level 1: Communicate with Kindred Sire, Rebirth of Mortal Vanity, Purity of the Flesh; Level 2: Donning the Mask of Shadows; Level 3: Incorporeal Passage; Level 4: Puissant Shield (still working on that)

Backgrounds Contacts 2 (Christopher Milton, Ventrue Primogen of Frankfurt/Main; Branwyn of Llyrdis, Daughter of Ether in Paris), Fame 1 (as a nature cure practitioner), Ghoul 1 (Michelle D'Aillard in Paris and later in Essen), Herd 1, Mentor 1 (Simon de Sanquere in Paris), Resources 4

Virtues: Conscience 3, Self-Control 4, Courage 3; Humanity 7, Willpower 8

Merits: Computer Aptitude

Flaws: Compulsion (Cleanliness, Perfection, and Talking); Phobia (Spiders); Intolerance (Nosferatu)

Anch-Ra's History:

She was born at the day of the rise of Sothis in the second year of the reign of Pharaoh Sesostris III (in the modern calender you would say June 17, 1861 BC). Anch-Ra was embraced on June 18, 1844 BC by an unknown Kindred of the 4th generation.

Even though she doesn't know here Sire, she managed to convince everyone that she belongs to the Clan Toreador (and in fact there is nothing about her that would indicate anything else - she's absolutely fascinated by mirrors and her reflection within, she has at least as many changes of clothing as the Cat in Red Dwarf, and she often falls into the Toreador entrancement whenever she sees something that fascinates her) and claims her Sire was someone with the name Anetmut. As Anetmut was her mortal mother, this is not even a real lie, and no one has challenged her claim till now.

In the 19th year of Pharaoh Sesostris' reign, Anch-Ra was a priestess in the Temple of Ma'at in Karnak, and one of her hobbies brought her in trouble often. As the consort of Ma'at was Thoth, the God of Wisdom and Arcane Knowledge (later he should be known as Hermes Trismegistos), a lot of his Secret Writings were kept in the Ma'at temple. Anch-Ra loved to read about this kind of Magick, and she often ventured in the secret chambers of the temple to lift a handful of scrolls to study them.

Unfortunately High Priest Menekhat caught her with the forbidden scrolls and ordered her to do penance and pray for one day and one night to Ma'at so that the young priestess might get some guidance from the Goddess as to never again lift the holy writings from the secret chamber.

During the night of her penance, a person sneaked up to her. When she got up, she discovered it wasn't Menekhat, but an unknown man who suddenly attacked her and bit her in the neck. As Anch-Ra was rather headstrong, she got really upset by this attack, though she only managed to break away when about all of her blood had left her body. In a last reflex she bit back and hit the thigh of the vampire. Revived by the Kindred's blood she drank some more, and the other vampire - a neonate himself who only wanted a small snack for the night - fled in shock when he realized what had happened. He didn't think straight that time, and when he got to his senses, he decided that the morning sun would certainly cover up his mistake.

In her first frenzy Anch-Ra ran through the city of Karnak and slew around half a dozen persons until she fled into a cave in the desert and tried to understand what kind of horror had happened to her. She was absolutely terrified by this change which she couldn't understand. When the dawn came, she began to feel sleepy, and as she discovered that the sunlight now hurt her, she hid in the depths of the cave and slept a sleep of bloodfilled, horrible nightmares.

About three weeks she roamed Karnak by night and fed of the people, until she went to the Valley of Queens to the fresh grave of Princess Nefer-Arishi to admire the beautiful artwork there and the gifts which were already put in place for the upcoming burial. When the hunger tore through her, she attacked one of the priests on watch, and suddenly there was a big fight in the grave. Anch-Ra was overpowered and thrown into the sarcophagus which was immediately sealed after she was in it. The priests were a bit annoyed that they couldn't burn her in the stone sarcophagus, but they were too terrified to open it once more, so they decided to engrave it with magick hieroglyphs of warning and ban which should keep the monster that her colleague Anch-Ra had become forever in her stony prison. Without further thought they left the grave as it was and sealed the entrance with powerful magick. Thus Anch-Ra slept for 3809 years, and several ages went by.

On August 3, 1965 an archaeologist stumbled over the untouched grave of Nefer-Arishi. Even though his native helpers warned him not to touch the mysterious grave with its hieroglyphs of warning and foreshadowings of doom for everyone who wanted to get near it along the stone, he laughed and said, now he was sure that it had to be the grave of a very important person. When he reached the sarcophagus even there one could read signs of danger and inscriptions which said things like 'mortal danger ahead', but still he refused to heed the warnings. So it came how it had to come - he opened the lid of the sarcophagus, and Anch-Ra rose and slew the whole archaeological troup in one fit of hunger and frenzy.

After she was free again, she roamed the nights of Egypt once more, but how different it had become! Only the Great Pyramids looked almost the same, if one overlooked the loss of their plaster covering. But the whole world had changed almost beyond recognition! Not only was there no one around who spoke the ancient language of the pharaohs (Anch-Ra had to learn the common language Arabic to communicate in modern Egypt), nothing was as she remembered it anymore. At first she ventured only once in a while in the town, but as she grew stronger and learned more and more (though she still hasn't recovered her full strength - by now she has the features of an 11th generation Kindred), she became increasingly intrigued with this new world she was thrust in.

After about two or three years she was able to talk fluently in Arabic, but by then she had discovered that the world had become smaller. She spent time with tourists and started to learn English and facts about the outside world. In the beginning of the 70s she saw some vampire movies in the cinema, and when she found out that they were filmed in the United Kingdom, she decided to go there to meet Christopher Lee who was the first person she knew who seemed to be like her. She sealed the grave which was her Haven at that time, took some minor items of value to turn them into money and began her journey.

When she went to London and met the actor, he started to laugh and made fun of her. Furiously Anshara (the guy who forged her passport didn't get her name completely right) left Great Britain and decided to journey to the United States as she had learned it was the Country of unlimited opportunities - and at least there should be some other vampires, she concluded.

In the USA she hid in the slums of Los Angeles and managed to catch some diseases because she had problems to tell which persons were healthy and which weren't. This led to her decision to begin studies in medicine. Unfortunately she couldn't take any exams as they were during the light of day, but night watches in hospitals were interesting, too. Especially when there was a blood bank in the vicinity where she could lift some well-cooled preserves...

In the beginning of the 80s, Anshara left the United States in search of other vampires, as she had somehow managed not to encounter even one of them during her stay. She went back to Egypt to replenish her funds and traveled through Europe in search of beautiful places to visit, until she decided to take a look at Castle Dracula in Transsylvania in the winter of 1985. Unfortunately even this well known place turned out to be nothing more than a tourist attraction.

Slightly annoyed she decided to return to Egypt, but as she wasn't able to read Romanian she took the wrong flight from the airport Bukarest and landed in Frankfurt/Main in Germany. There she met a nice young man whom she meant to be her evening snack, but much to her surprise he turned out to be a vampire - Kindred as he called it - from Clan Toreador.

The French Toreador - his name was Jean LeCartres - was intrigued by this little Egyptian vampiress who had a striking similarity to the classic movie-Cleopatra who was played by Elizabeth Taylor. He was absolutely sure she had to be a Toreador, like him, and decided to take her along to Paris and to explain the Kindred Society to her. But first he told her to present herself to Ventrue Prince Johann Walther of Frankfurt, and in his palace she made the acquaintance of Christopher Milton, the Ventrue Primogen, who turned out to be a really nice guy, as she discovered.

Soon Jean brought her to Paris, where Anshara changed her name to Anchara St.Germain (those French people seemed to be absolutely unable to pronounce 'Anshara' correctly) and settled down as a nature-cure practitioner in Paris/St-Germain. She was introduced to the Toreador society of Paris and even accepted by Toreador Prince François Villon. Jean's Sire Simon de Sanquere, a natural scientist and hobby archaeologist was intrigued by Anchara and began to teach her basic Thaumaturgy in exchange for her knowledge about Ancient Egypt.

While she broke into a blood bank, she was discovered by a nurse, Michelle D'Aillard. When Michelle found out that Anchara was a vampire, she asked her immediately if she might be turned into one as well, for she was absolutely intrigued by vampires for a long time. Anchara refused, but turned her into a ghoul instead, which was okay with Michelle, as it was the second best thing as she thought.

Anchara further met two other interesting persons: Gereint, another Childer of Simon de Sanquere who was a Mage of the Order of Hermes until he was turned into a Kindred, and Branwyn of Llyrdis, Gereints Mage Companion who belongs to the Sons of Ether.

During the next years Anchara learned French and German, the latter on her frequent visits to Frankfurt/Main.

In August 1995 Anshara and Jean were in Frankfurt again, as Chris Milton asked them to investigate the Final Death of Princess Theophanu of Essen who was mysteriously killed. They met some other Kindred who also were ordered to investigate the situation (by Tremere Justicar Karl Schreckt of Berlin). After they managed to destroy the guilty persons, Anchara was able to cheaply buy a nice house in Essen which formerly was the property of another nature-cure practitioner who belonged to the criminals who caused Princess Theophanu's Final Death.

Since then she lives in Essen-Werden. Her Ghoul Michelle followed her to Germany and currently looks after the doctor's office during the daytime. The Ventrue Sara Sobieski whom she encountered during the investigations in August '95 now works as her assistant, while the new Ventrue Prince Altfried Krupp of Essen becomes more and more of an annoyance (he actually wants to tax the Kindred in his Domain!). There are even rumours that another Ventrue, Alexander von Isenberg, wants to overthrow Prince Altfried and assume princehood himself.

While Anchara and some collegues visited an enchantes house they were beamed in a strange realm where they encountered a group of Malkavians. They got out of this realm but discovered they missed all the action of the fight against Prince Altfried.

In November '96 she meets a Kindred who seems to be involved with ghost or something like this. It seems to be the beginning of a new adventure...

But that's another story which is currently in the making. Stay tuned how it develops as the current roleplaying session goes on :^)=

Below you can duly admire Anch-Ra:

Pic of Anch-Ra

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