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A.C.Newton is the daughter of a Hermetic mother, Artemisia Pythagora Trismegista, and a Son of Ether father, Curtis Newton. She was born in the Hermetic Chantry in Wiesbaden, Germany on February, 9th, 1981.

Actually, her father wanted to call her Elaine (after his late mother) but Artemisia unfortunately had her way in naming her daughter. So it happened that A.C.'s full name is Apollodora Cartesia Trismegista-Newton. But how that this sound for an Etherite? A.C. is very embarassed because of that, but what do you expect from a mother who is a Hermetic of House Bonisagus...

A.C. never really got along with her mother, though. She was mainly raised in the MoonLab by her father and his companions. Her father's mentor, Simon Wright, also lives in the MoonLab, and he taught A.C. a lot, too. :-) So she grew up among weird HyperTechnology, two Master Scientists, a robot and an android and had a highly interesting childhood up there in the MoonLab and in Daddy's Ethership.

Her mother was pretty furious, of course, but her parents never really got along - at least not as long as she can remember. Artemisia tried to teach her daughter some of the Hermetic Arts, but it never worked with A.C. She always found it somewhat ridiculous to shout phrases and then hope something would happen. A.C. thought if one wanted things to work, one simply had to build some cool device and let that do the work.

A.C.Newton is obviously very much Daddy's girl, especially as she sort of hero-worships him for being a cool space hero and a great Master Scientist, too.

She thinks Hermetics are somewhat weird - her Mom at least. She doesn't really know why her parents got together in the first place - both of them have a different story about that. ^_^

A.C. is inclined to believe her Dad's version, though. Her mother claimed he seduced her, and her father says it was just the other way round. Well, as it seems, A.C. was the result, and her father married Artemisia out of a sense of duty, but decided to stay mainly in his MoonLab from then on, or he explored Deep Space.

At the moment, he charts the Andromeda galaxy in his Ethership Comet. In 2001, for A.C.'s 21st birthday, he gave her an Ethership of her own, the Meteor.

A.C. is a bit worried, though, what her father will say when he returns and finds out that her boyfriend is from the Technocratic Union. After all, the Void Engineers from the Darkside Moon Base tried to conquer the MoonLab for about 60 or so years now, since it was built by her Grandpa, Dr.Roger Newton (he was a Son of Ether, too, of course).

A.C. is sorry she never met Grandpa, but he was killed by an evil minion of the Technocracy only short after his son's birth. The murderer wanted to obtain the secret inventions and scientific reasearch of Dr.Newton. A.C.Newton heard a lot of cool things about her Grandpa. He took the brain of his dying colleague Simon Wright and put it into a life-support unit, and since then Simon is a living brain and Curtis Newton's mentor.

Acy and Kevin Grey Acy and Kevin
Agent Grey and A.C.Newton
on the Zeppelin Deck
More Kev and A.C. :-)

(If you want to know how an Ethergirl could get involved with an NWO Agent, you need to read the log files of the Adventures in the Digital Web campaign ^_^)

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