Susan Greenburg (Void Engineers)

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Susan Greenburg

NPC for Adventures in Etherspace


Susan is a member of the Border Corps Division (BCD), the science officer of the QLM Stargazer, to be precise. When necessity forced the crews of Stargazer and Meteor to work together, Susan volunteered to get on board the Ethership.

Unfortunately, she has the fatal Flaw 'Curiousity', and she is very intrigued by the spiffy Ethership which isn't Victorian style (or weirder) looking at all (like several of the other Etherships the Stargazer encountered), but an ingenious piece of the latest HyperTech, with a sentient AI on board.

Currently it seems as if Susan seriously considers to defect and stay with the valiant Meteor crew - but whether she will really do this remains to be seen.

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