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Kevin Grey

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Agent Grey and A.C.Newton
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(If you want to know how an NWO Agent could get involved with an Ethergirl, you need to read the log files of the Adventures in the Digital Web campaign ^_^)

Kevin Grey was born in Manchester, UK, at November, 13th, 1979. He was the only child of Michelle Lanciaux-Grey (member of the department for French studies at the University of Manchester) and Dr.Steven Grey (member of the department for Earth Sciences at the University of Manchester. As his mother was of French descent, Kev had the great luck to grow up bilingually in English and French.

Already in his school days, Kevin proved to be very inquisitive and showed a great aptitude for computers, and so he signed up for computer sciences at the University of Manchester. In his spare time he liked to go to Tae Kwon Do courses, to play soccer and sometimes tennis and golf, too - if he didn't go out with girls, that is.

Very soon, he more or less accidentally managed to get access to the Digital Web, and right on his first venture, he ran into some members of the Technocracy. They spotted his potential, and immediately decided to take him in, before he could be recruited by the Traditions, and Kevin was so intrigued by the possibilities he was shown that he joined up with them right away.

So now he had to divide his time between university and the training he got in the NWO Construct of Manchester, but as he soon learned to use his abilities in the Mind Sphere, he didn't have many problems to cope with that - he even managed to allocate some time for his hobbies.

Still he was convinced that he was fighting for the good of humanity and belonged to a group that protected mankind from evil, RDs and everything they could not cope with.

Kevin underwent some basic training at the Construct, during which the higher ups decided he was better suited to join the Ivory Tower Methodology than the Operatives, even though he was in good physical shape and could use weapons pretty well, too. It seemed they saw some further potential in him that they wanted to groom him for some special duties instead of putting him right into the line of fire and risk his untimely demise.

When the Union wanted to put the project D.A.N. Primus into the next phase, they gave Kevin the task to monitor Dan's RD contact A.C.Newton. At first this proved a bit difficult, as A.C.Newton hid well on an Ethership of hers, but some strategically planted hints made her visit the Digital Web frequently, and Kevin could keep tabs on her.

Unfortunately this coincided with his supervisor Agent Jeanne Maurice falling under the influence of some devices of unknown origin that forced the victims to try and put more people under the devices' influence.

And for the remainder of his story, you need to check out the log files of the Adventures in the Digital Web campaign.

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