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XXI - The World (Die Welt)

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XXI - The World

View the pencil drawing of The World

The World (sometimes also called The Time) is the card of perfection, of fulfillment, freedom, wisdom and joy - the dance of life. As soon as one has mastered the steps of the Rainbow Path, one has mastered one's worldly weaknesses, and finally one is truly free. This card echoes The Fool which shows bliss because of ignorance, but The World is bliss because one knows and has mastered all weaknesses and trials of the path to wisdom.

The qualities of The World are success, achievement of one's goals and satisfaction.

Traditionally, The World is connected with the Zodiac Sign Capricorn and the planet Saturn.

My rendering of The World shows Virgo Shaka, the Man Closest to the Gods als world dancer, like Shiva who dances the Universe. Around him you can see his rosary with the 108 pearls (BTW, I admit, I wasn't able to count properly - the rosary on the card has some pearls too many...), the oval form showing the cosmic egg, the origin of everything. Shaka, who even has transcended the 7th sense, which most other Saints still strive to achieve, is the perfect choice for this card. Like on Trump 10 The Wheel of Fate you can see Ophiuchus Shaina, Aquila Marin, Taurus Aldebaran and Leo Aiolia in the corners - representing angel, eagle, bull and lion or the Four Evangelists. (Again I chose not to draw Aquarius Camus and Scorpio Milo in favour of Shaina and Marin, even though they represent the fixed Zodiac Signs together with Taurus and Leo.)

Disclaimer: Saint Seiya is the property of Kurumada Masami, Shueisha and Toei Animation.

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