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XV - The Devil (Der Teufel)

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XV - The Devil

View the pencil drawing of The Devil

The Devil is the first card of the final row of the Tarot. As The Magician brought the energies into the world to create it, The Force brought the energy to tame the beast within. The Devil shows you the force that binds you to the material world. In shattering The Devil one manages to free oneself from the chains that bind the soul to the shallow, mundane world - passion, illusions, the inability to see the truth.

To master The Devil is to master the overwhelming energies of the self, to accept the dark sides within oneself. In a way one can see The Devil as the dark side of The Lovers. While in The Lovers the Angel of passion can only be viewed when the lovers unite, The Devil is an easy way to a superficial fulfillment that one can reach by following one's darkes desires.

The qualities of the The Devil are self-inflicted imprisonment, emotional slavery, a too materialistic view of life, pain, depression, obsessions, temptation.

Traditionally, The Devil is connected with the Zodiac Sign Capricorn and the Planet Saturn.

My rendering of The Devil shows Hades who took over Shun's body. Ikki and Pandora kneel to his feet, both bound by chains which they could easily shake off as they are not truly fastened to them. Above Hades-Shun one can see a goat's head, a classical rendering of the Christian Devil plus a pentagram which is turned upside down.

The upside down drawn pentagram symbolizes that passions rule the mind, one has submitted to the bondage of one's emotions. The flames behind Ikki also symbolize raw passions. The sign in Hades-Shun's palm is the astrological symbol of the planet Saturn which stands for limitations, binding and weaknesses (among other things).

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