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XIV - Temperance (Die Mäßigkeit)

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XIV - Temperance

View the pencil drawing of Temperance

Temperance is a card that shows us how to combine spontaneos actions with acts born from deep knowledge. It's a card of self-control that is enacted as fitting reaction at all situations. When one has reached this card of the Tarot, one has learned not to fall to extremes of any kind and combine all parts of one's life to a whole. Te trump usually shows and angel standing with one foot in the water and with the other foot on the earth. The two cups symbolize Sun and Moon, and by mixing their energy one combines conscousness and subconscious. It's a card that shows the return from the path into the self that we walked after we met The Hermit. The angel on the card symbolizes the eternal soul that is freed after The Death.

The qualities of Temperance are balance of all things, proper actions, to combine completely different things.

Traditionally, Temperance is connected with the Zodiac Sign Sagittarius and the Planet Jupiter.

My rendering of Temperance shows Sagittarius Aiolos in his Cloth which - with its wings - is supposed to remind us of the angel of the traditional cards. As Aiolos sacrificed himself doing the proper things, I though he was very well suited for this trump.

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