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X - The Wheel of Fate (Das Rad des Schicksals)

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X - The Wheel of Fate

View the pencil drawing of The Wheel of Fate

The Wheel of Fate is a card that shows that Fortune cannot be escaped no matter how much one tries. Two classical renderings of it show either the three Fates around a spinning wheel or the medieval wheel of fortune which shows that after every rise comes a likewise deep fall, but every fall will eventually result in an ascension.

In the four corners of the card you can often see schemelike figures that represent the four elements: the Bull (=earth), the Lion (=fire), the Eagle/Scorpion (=water) and the Water Bearer (=air). They also represent the creatures of Ezekiel's vision in the Christian mythology. The Hebrew name of God is inscribed in the Wheel just as are the alchemistical elements water, mercury, salt and sulphur with the circle in the middle standing for quintessence, the fifth element. The four letters T-A-R-O in the wheel are an anagram that says "Rota Taro Orat Tora Ator", "the wheel of the tarot speaks the law of Hathor". (Hathor/Ator is the Egyptian Goddess of sky, death, dance and joy; there were also seven 'Hathors', who served as Goddesses of Fate, in the time of the New Empire.)

The Wheel of Fate is one of the Trumps with the highest symbolic content and I have to admit that I have only scratched the surface with this short entry.

The main quality of the Wheel of Fate is change. It talks about accepting changes even if they seem to be wanton and cruel. On the negative side it's about the fight against change.

Traditionally, The Wheel of Fate is connected with the Zodiac Sign Sagittarius and the Planet Jupiter.

My rendering of The Wheel of Fate shows the Fire Clock of Sanctuary. In its middle you can find the usual representation of the Wheel of Fortune. The figures in the corners are the Ophiuchus, Aquila, Taurus and Leo Cloths. Admittedly, I should have drawn the Aquarius Cloth instead of the Ophiuchus Cloth as Aquarius represents the element air, but I decided to draw Ophiuchus anyway. I wanted to have two ladies and two men on it, and Shaina was a great choice IMHO. Another thing is that Ophiuchus is in fact the 13th Zodiac Sign. This constellation is located between Scorpio and Sagittarius and during five days of the year the Sun passes through Ophiuchus. So I consider Ophiuchus to be highly mystical and absolutely fitting to represent the mystical visions of which the creatures speak.

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