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IX - The Hermit (Der Eremit)

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IX - The Hermit

View the pencil drawing of The Hermit

The Hermit is a spiritual guide who shall lead us to learn about ourself, to lead us to develop the powers within, to consciously activate the subconsciousness. On our search for wisdom we need a guide, and The Hermit provides us with understanding and helps us to master the trials. Even though we have to go the way alone, he supports us by pointing into the right way.

The qualities of The Hermit are retreat from the outer world, contemplation, search for wisdom, trying to learn and develop one's self.

Traditionally, The Hermit is connected with the Zodiac Sign Virgo and the Planet Mercury.

My rendering of The Hermit shows Libra Dohko in front of the Rozhan waterfall. He holds a lamp in his hand that contains a star to light the way to inner knowledge. I chose to draw a five-sided star opposed to the six-sided star that usually symbolizes the water and fire triangles, because the waterfall in the background already shows the direction of the search to which the Hermit is the guide (this is normally shown by the water triangle). The searcher wants to find out the secrets of the subconscious which on the Trump of The High Priestess is still hidden behind the veil. As Dohko is a spiritual teacher (after all, roshi means 'old teacher/master' in Japanese), I didn't need the fire triangle either. The pentagram, on the other hand, is an old ward symbol (among other things, of course), and thus it's supposed to remind us of the fact that the journey is a very dangerous one. The wand The Hermit holds reminds us of The Magician's wand, although this time it's used to support him.

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