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VIII - The Force (Die Kraft)

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VIII - The Force

View the pencil drawing of The Force

The Force depicts a young woman who shuts the jaws of a beast (usually a lion), thus symbolizing the power of the inner strength over the beast within. She has flowers in her hair and a lemniscate floats above her head, showing the abundance of the inner energy and reminding us of The Magician. The Force is the first Trump of the second row of the Tarot and brings the energy for the further development of the personality with it. It's a card of initiation, a test - the first confrontation of the self with the passions and subconscious urges. The number 8 of the Force is the symbol of female magic (as opposed to The Chariot that represents the male magic via the number 7)

The qualities of The Force are mastering of problems and times of change with the inner strength and energy. It's mastering of passions and the beast within.

Traditionally, The Force is connected with the Zodiac Sign Leo and the Sun.

My rendering of The Force shows Shunrei closing the jaws of a Chinese water dragon. Well, I must admit, this was as much making a little fun, but of course there's also the aspect of a dragon as an uncanny, powerful beast, the connection with water representing emotions and passions. Shunrei has a flower in her hair and also flowers on her tunic, which show a connection to The Empress, the female archetype.

Disclaimer: Saint Seiya is the property of Kurumada Masami, Shueisha and Toei Animation.

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