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V - The Pope (Der Hierophant)

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V - The Pope

View the pencil drawing of The Pope

The Pope is the archetype representing teaching and arcane wisdom. This way towards knowledge often demands of the seeker to submit to authority, though. He's a spiritual leader who supplies answers to moral and spiritual questions through a more institutionalized method.

The qualities of the Pope are teaching, rituals, rites, spiritual authority, religion, blind belief, zealotry.

Traditionally, The Pope is connected with the Zodiac Sign Taurus and the Planet Venus.

My rendering of The Pope shows Gemini Saga holding a sacrificial knife, attempting to kill baby Athena. Behind him the door to wisdom is open, but hidden from the view of the seekers, as The Pope only gives out knowledge as he sees fit. The two columns again represent the duality, just like in the card of The High Priestess. But while she hides the ocean of the subconscious for fear of the seekers unschooled mind, The Pope hides his knowledge for fear of his authority. As soon as people discover the knowledge for themselves, he loses his power over them. Stairs lead up to the door of wisdom as it is a difficult and hard way. The sacrifice shall remind us of the fact that there are often sacrifices needed to gain what we strive to achieve.

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