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II - The High Priestess (Die Hohepriesterin)

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II - The High Priestess

View the pencil drawing of The High Priestess

The High Priestess is the dark and hidden side of the Goddess. She represents darkness, psychic powers, mysteries, the wisdom of The Moon, and the deepest depths of the soul. Many renderings of the High Priestess show her sitting between a black and a white pillar behind which the seas of the subconsciousness lay, hidden behind a veil that no mortal man is allowed to pass. At our current stage we cannot touch the waters, lest we perish, first we have to journey the trumps of the Arcana until we have found enough understanding to survive the experience. The High Priestess holds a scroll that contains the truths of the cosmic conscience (I do not want to write God as it has too many Christian connotations), and as it is partly hidden behind her cape, this shows that the secret knowledge is only partly available.

The qualities of the The High Priestess are passivity, quiet, true wisdom, sadness, coldness, giving up emotions to research the dark reaches of the mind, loneliness, sacrifices.

Traditionally, The High Priestess is connected with the Zodiac Sign Cancer and the Moon.

My rendering of The High Priestess shows Pandora sitting on a seat which should remind you of the seat on which the Pythia of the Oracle of Delphi sat - the ancient priestess who told the future by falling into trance by the mists arising from a fissure in the earth. She holds the scroll of secret knowledge in her hand, partly hidden behind the sleeve of her robe. The two columns are the same columns you can see at Trump XVII The Moon. Behind the veil the waters of the subconscious are hidden, a wild waterfall that would sweep any unprepared viewer away. Her necklace shows the phases of the moon, the old symbol of lunar knowledge and the mystic female powers.

Alternate Version of The High Priestess:

View the alternate version of The High Priestess / Coloured Version

This rendering of The High Priestess shows Polaris Hilda sitting on a throne and holding the scroll of secret knowledge in her hand. Out of the window you can see water, partly hidden behind a curtain - it's the see of the subconsciousness, of the true wisdom that would kill any ordinary person who sees it in its fullness without proper preparation. On the left side you see a torch, the guiding light on the search for the true knowledge, but its light doesn't reach far, the other side is still hidden in darkness. This is supposed to show the same duality as the traditional symbol of the two pillars, only that here the way to the subconsciousness is even better protected as there is only a window left in the wall. I chose to paint Hilda's clothing in cold blue and white hues that symbolize cold reason and lack of emotions (okay, it's only in the computer coloured version yet, not in the pencil drawing...).

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