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Old Artworks (Water Colour)

Karylla 'Blackfire' Noir and Ryko
'Infinity' Maiell Jana 'Stardust' Star and Coryn 'Starlight'
Arvhayn Alycia Cherylla Khyshisall-Blade and Sir
Cayvyn of South-Ayryana Dreamsong flying towards Villa
© by Stayka © by Shavana © by Stayka © by Stayka

Alycia Blade and Sir Cayvyn visiting
Naravina Alycia Blade as school-girl in the
TSMI Lightning en route to Nightfall
© by Stayka © by Stayka © by Stayka deyAvemta

Alan 'Firestar' Dale Blackfire and Infinity in the Info-Center
of Nightfall Station Nardia Ashni Blade in front of Blade
© by Shavana © by Stayka deyAvemta © by Shavana

Alycia Blade and Alan Dale at the set of
'Return of Firestar' Alycia and Nardia Blade in
captivity Ryko Maiell and Alan Dale visiting
Shanjir's underworld Space Station Iskavar-1019
© by Stayka © by Stayka © by Stayka © by Stayka

Alycia Blade and Sir Cayvyn on a holiday
trip at Tarishaan Sir Alayn of Fayn-Devrayn decorating his
music studio Underground Records Nardia Ashni Blade and Shentay in the rose
garden of Blade Manor Nardia Ashni Blade
© by Stayka © by Shavana © by Stayka © by Shavana

Lady Andora of Fayn-Devrayn Skyfox over Tarishaan Cavary syn Taiyo
© by Shavana © by Shavana © by Stayka

The Cubes of Schinn-Dao Tyron 'Firestar' Star at a Lyam Duvall's
Beneficial Ball
© by Stayka deyAvemta © by Stayka

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