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August 8th, 2006

The "nice, adfree webhosting service" where I put my Bishounen Gallery in May decided to erase my account for some obscure reasons. I decided to upload it to my server Infinity at home for the time being.

June 17th, 2006

I added a new page about Some Random Artwork by Stayka.

June 16th, 2006

Well, somehow I missed to announce the 10th anniversary of my website. Ah well, nonetheless, as of today my website is completely hosted on a VPS Linux server at HostEurope where I pay a monthly fee and in return get 7.5 GB webspace plus 250 GB traffic per month.

As I wouldn't want to pay over-traffic, I have set very rigid restrictions against hotlinking of my files. So if you want to link to my pictures - don't. You may download them for your own use, but you cannot link to them from any external site. Generally - if you wish to link to stuff from my homepage, please use the index files for stories or art, then you are on the safe side.

I hope that everything now works on my website. If you encounter any problems, feel free to drop me an email at

June 14th, 2006

Finally my Website is reloacated to my virtual Linux server in Frankfurt/Main. Thus there should be no downtimes due to my 24 hour disconnect anymore, and with 250 GB transfer per month, the bandwidth should be sufficient, too.

May 30th, 2006

After several years, the Bishounen Gallery ist back! I found a nice, adfree webhosting service that gives out unlimited webspace, and so 150 MB of screenshots and goodies - among them the screen savers and animated gifs I created - are back online. Unfortunately these pages aren't XHTML 1.0 yet as they were originally created a long time ago.

April 3rd, 2006

I added some new fanart to the DK Home, created a change log for 2006, wrote colour definitions for my CSS files and finished XHTMLing the fanart section of the Saint Seiya Archive.

March 31, 2006

I updated the Who's Stayka file, added some fresh stuff to the DK Home and began XHTMLing the Saint Seiya Archive.

March 24, 2006

Finally the whole Dark Kingdom Home is written in proper validated XHTML 1.0 strict. So that leaves 'only' the Saint Seiya Archive in old HTML. 857 files to go still...

March 23, 2006

I continued converting the old HTML files of the Dark Kingdom Home into proper XHTML 1.0.

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