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December 27, 2004

I redesigned all the banners from the Site Index page. Now they are all sized standard 468x60 instead of the old 400x60 format.

December 26, 2004

All the 12 files of my Graphics Test Page are valid XHTML 1.0 strict now (310 files done, 1465 HTML files to go still).

December 25, 2004

So, now all of the 87 IRC RPG logs in the WoD part of my site are valid XHTML 1.0, plus the 14 online RPG pages. (298 files done, 1477 HTML files to go still.)

December 24, 2004

I continued upgrading the HTML of my site. I continued with the Dark Kingdom Home where I finished my stories and those of E.Liddell (195 files done, 170 to go in the DK Home; 197 done, 1578 HTML files to go overall.)

December 20, 2004

Well, I started translating the ancient HTML 3.2 I used to XHTML 1.0 with CSS. So far I only worked on the files in the main directory, and the main DK directory, but the rest will follow, too. (9 done, 1766 to go...)

November 15, 2004

It has been brought to my attention that sometimes my site does not show up when people try to access it since it is on my own server. I have to admit, I don't have a clue yet why this happens - the only idea is that there might be too many people trying to access it at once and the traffic is too high for smooth display. Well, I guess currently this cannot be helped, but it underlines why I had to take down the even more traffic producing image galleries.

I guess I have to find a solution for the fanart archives - the graphics are displayed with thumbnails, but the sheer amount of the thumbnails and their size causes quite some traffic, too. Maybe I will have to redo the thumbs to smaller size and possibly as image maps. Ah well, I'll have to ponder about this a while longer...

November 13, 2004

Okay, the Saint Seiya Archive and the Dark Kingdom Home are back - now I'm hosting them myself on my webserver at home. I deleted the links to the screenshot gallery, postcard service and screen savers, though, as they are not available anymore.

BTW, some site statistics: My whole site at this time consists of 1809 HTML files and 4456 image files (JPG, GIF and PNG) which take up 191 MB of webspace.

November 11, 2004

It seems that where I hosted my Saint Seiya Archive, my Dark Kingdom Home and the Bishounen Gallery ceased offering their free webspace service.

I have to admit, I already expected something like that, so I already started moving parts of my site to my webserver at home. I haven't had the time to do that for the Saint Seiya Archive, Dark Kingdom Home and Bishounen Gallery yet, so this means these parts of my site are currently offline.

I will see to it that I get the Saint Seiya Archive and the Dark Kingdom Home back online, but I will discontinue the screenshots as they a) are not the best quality anyway (they were shot when I only had 2nd generation copies of VHS tapes which had been converted from SECAM to PAL), b) cause too much traffic on my home connection and c) are illegal anyway.

Moreover, when I started my sites, there was a severe lack of image material, but nowadays there are plenty of pages offering captures or scans (several of which copied the pics from my site, which I'm actually grateful for as it lessened the bandwidth usage on my site ^_^), so I will concentrate on fan-made stuff now like the Japanese sites do.

Today I moved Stayka's Home Page and (all my WoD Stuff) to Covje. I hope I managed to set up all links properly again as this was done a bit in a hurry (within not even 2 hours time).

September 8, 2004

I created my Graphics Test Page where I can put up all my webgraphics stuff for testing and viewing.

August 13, 2004

I created a couple of favicons for my various websites. Aren't they cute?

Favicon   Favicon   Favicon   Favicon   Favicon   Favicon   Favicon   Favicon   Favicon  

August 1, 2004

I finally set up my Apache webserver at home. You are on Covje a.k.a infinity.homelinux net, who is standing right in my living-room, and I'm more than happy about this :-D

FYI, Covje is a Celeron 266 with 256 MB RAM running Gentoo Linux 2.4.20 and Apache 2.0.50 at the moment, and my main domain is forwarded to now. I have an ADSL connection with 384kbit/s upstream, so I hope the site won't get too slow.

Okay, until I have managed to re-write all my pages to XHTML 1.0, you can still visit the sites in their old state outside at their current locations on several free servers. Nonetheless, I put CF, HdF and SvB locally here now without changes as I really can't stomach Lycos Tripod where they were formerly located -_-

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