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November 1, 2001

I added quite a lot of links. As usual most of the updates in the last time were done at the Saint Seiya Archive and Dark Kingdom Home.

March 3, 2001

I mainly added and fixed some links. As usual most of the updates in the last months/weeks were done at the Saint Seiya Archive and Dark Kingdom Home.

October 18, 2000

Unfortunately, PowerCount closed down and I had to remove the codes from all of my pages...

July 3, 2000

I created a separate page for my Computational Linguistics stuff and set up a page for the Machine Translation Links that yet have to be tested and commented.

Then I added and fixed some links.

June 27, 2000

I added a page for my Computational Linguistics Presentation at June 27th.

May 11, 2000

My page is now on a faster and better server provided by Lots of thanks to Frank from Keyweb!!! :)))

March 29, 2000

As the test with the Saint Seiya Archive gave only positive feedback so far, I introduced the new style I tested there with fixed width for more comfortable reading to my Home Page, too. Please tell me if I should keep it here, too, or go back to the old style again!

March 1, 2000

Well, even when it seems that this page doesn't change much - it's just because I spend a lot of time updating my Saint Seiya Archive with tons of stuff. Can you imagine that I currently have 421 MB of stuff online, spread over all of my sites?

Ah yes, on popular demand I finally (after almost 4 years...) added a ZIP file that contains all the texts of the Buch der Dimensionen des Seins. :)))

Then I discovered a really cool web tracking service called PowerCount that gives me extensive statistics about the visitors, where they come from, the browsers they use, their screen resolution, the subpages that are most frequently visited, the pages that refer to my site and everything. As I had to insert the necessary HTML code in every single HTML page of my Home Page, this took me the whole evening.

October 06, 1999

You might or might not have noticed - this page hase moved again. Now I found a far better place than Xoom on the German server Lots of thanks to Frank from Keyweb!!! :)))

August 10, 1999

Well, currently I have a problem updating this site, but when (or do I have to say 'if'?) I manage, I will have started going through my link list, throwing out everything that's dead. And and I'm far to lazy to correct the number of links all the time, I settled for calling it 1000+ links which is the plain truth :)

July 12, 1999

My inofficial Frankfurt by Night Citybook has been moved to this site, too. Now here are the files of Stayka's Dark Kingdom Home, Stayka's Home Page, and Frankfurt by Night Citybook.

I removed my Funacon stuff completely, as Shavana finally set up the Fun & Fiction Factory Homepage which contains all of the Funacon stuff, including mine, plus a lot of other goodies.

Furthermore I have four domains of my own now:

July 1, 1999

Well, I finally decided to move all my stuff away from GeoCities and Tripod. I wanted to do that for a long time now, but certain changes in the license agreement speeded up the process. I decided to combine the stuff into one site for easier maintenance, and I hope sincerely that I managed to update all of the links...

June 8, 1999

Well, I was a bit sloppy with this "What's new" page... If you have checked my other sites you'll have found that I added *tons* of stuff to my Saint Seiya Archive

There you can find about 160 or so MB of stuff by now - from FanArt to FanFics to WinAmp Skins to Screen Savers to scanned Images to - well, lots more in fact.

Also I have two domains of my own now: pointing to my Site Index and pointing to my Saint Seiya Archive.

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