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December 28, 1996

As the server doesn't offer free webspace anymore I had to reorganize my World of Darkness stuff. The WoD stories and demo character sheets can't be put online again unless I find some more web space.

The Stardust vs. Blackfire stories and pictures are currently gone as well, sorry. If someone could pass me some megabytes free webspace, I would be really grateful!

December 25, 1996

Added 10 new links, repaired some others.

December 19, 1996

Added 3 new links, deleted 17.

December 17, 1996

Added 2 new links, deleted 7. Updated the Essen bei Nacht III game session.

December 16, 1996

Added 23 new links. Expanded the stuff about the Vampire game session Project Shattered Mirror.

December 9, 1996

Added 10 new links.

December 2, 1996

Added 6 new links.

December 1, 1996

I finally added Dogio's DROSI to my RPG links, something I should have done quite a while ago...

November 29, 1996

Added 18 links (lots of new music stuff!), deleted 4.

November 21, 1996

Added 15 links.

November 20, 1996

Deleted 8 links, added 2, and fixed some others.

November 19, 1996

Added 27 links, deleted 6.

November 14, 1996

Added 11 links.

November 13, 1996

Added 31 links, and deleted 6 defunct ones.

November 7, 1996

Added 31 links, deleted 5 defunct ones, and fixed some others.

November 5, 1996

Added 14 links.

November 2, 1996

Added 7 links, deleted 11 defunct ones. Set up the page for the new Vampire RPG session.

October 31, 1996

Added 24 links, deleted 8, and fixed 5. Thanks to Tu'Ral for pointing me to 6 nice mineral pages!

October 30, 1996

Added 8 links. Furthermore I cut the Worlds of Darkness Features List into several smaller parts. I kept the big one as well for easier download.

October 22, 1996

Added 15 new links, updated 2 addresses.

October 18, 1996

I updated the WoD Features list with the stuff from the new Mage: the Ascension source book Whispers of Dissent: The Book of Crafts and WoD: Midnight Circus, although the latter did only yield one Rote...

October 15, 1996

As a lot of name servers in Germany seem to have problems looking up, I changed the entries with the server's name to the IP address.

I also added 9 more links and some more HTML versions of the LaTeX WoD character sheets.

October 14, 1996

I added 11 more links and uploaded a lot of WoD demo character sheets which can be reached via the WoD Stuff page.

October 10, 1996

I uploaded three Vampire stories which can be accessed via the World of Darkness Stuff page. Beware, they are rather big (around 300K each)...

October 9, 1996

I rearranged the World of Darkness Stuff page. Hopefully it still works. Added the beginning of the Vampire/Mage campaign where I am the Storyteller...

Deleted 2 links, added 46 new ones.

October 7, 1996

Finally is up and running again! So now you can reach the Vampire Party and Stardust vs. Blackfire pages again!

October 3, 1996

Did a major check of my page which resulted in the deletion of 24 defunct links. I added 6 new links, though, and finally put together a science link page (scilinks.html).

October 2, 1996

Added 32 new pages. I'm still frustrated that neither nor are currently online.

September 23, 1996

Added 30 new pages, among them quite a lot of highly interesting computer links.

September 17, 1996

Checked some links, and added 5 new ones.

September 16, 1996

Added 22 new pages. Put up a page for my LARP character Anthea in the World of Darkness Stuff section.

September 11, 1996

Moved the Files of Essen bei Nacht from Indesia to Nethosting. Also added a page for the Vampire LARP Party in Duisburg.

September 08, 1996

Deleted another fifteen defunct links, and added seven new ones.

September 05, 1996

Added two new links and deleted 29 (sigh) defunct ones.

September 04, 1996

Added 23 new links and deleted two defunct ones.

August 27, 1996

Added 24 new links (among them one ftp access link). Rearranged the Science Fiction (TV/Movie) Link list.

August 22, 1996

Added 31 new links and deleted most of the preface text of the index page.

Then I got the Funacon report up and running. It contains exactly 61 .jpg pictures. Sigh, I hope it'll still load reasonably well, as I split it in several smaller files, and the jpgs are of an average size between 20K and 30K each.

Finally I put the written record of our Vampire: the Masquerade game sessions online (German only). The first is finished, the second still in progress. You'll find them as link in the World of Darkness Stuff section.

And now I have put web counters on the Funacon, Stardust vs. Blackfire and Frankfurt by Night Page, as those are sitting on different servers.

August 17, 1996

Corrected some errors which caused the links within my page to end in wrong places. I added the link to my Funacon-Page which is located at the Free Webspace Server Indesia in Italy.

August 15, 1996

Added 66 new links, and rearranged the Science Fiction Links,Misc Stuff, and Literature Page. Created a new file for faster access: swlinks.html (Star Wars Links).

I finally got rid of that d**d guestbook as it didn't work properly anyway. If you want to tell me something, please send comments via email..

August 7, 1996

Added 21 new links, and rearranged the Computer Links Page. Updated the World of Darkness publications and abbreviations lists.

July 31, 1996

Added 27 new links, and created a new file for faster access: litlinks.html (Literature & Language Links).

July 29, 1996

Added about 2 dozen new links. Rearranged several of the Links Pages, and killed some defunct links.

July 29, 1996

Added another 27 new links, mainly in the Occult, Travel, Cooking (Drinks), Roleplaying, and SF section. Rearranged the Occult Links, TV/Movie Links, and Music Links Pages for easier overview.

As Indesia didn't answer my pleas for an ftp account I decided to move the waiting Stardust vs. Blackfire stuff to Started to upload the stories and pics there.

July 23, 1996

Added another 31 new links, mainly in the Star Wars, Star Trek, Roleplaying, and Cooking section.

Further I rearranged the indices of the Favourite Link List and SF Link List. Two new files created for faster access: stlinks.html (Star Trek Links) and toplinks.html (Toplinks & Search Engines).

July 19, 1996

I updated the WoD Features list with the stuff from the new Mage: the Ascension Tradition Book Cult of Ecstasy. I also deleted some defunct links and added others.

July 15, 1996

Added some data to the World of Darkness publications file. I also made some 'beauty operations' (e.g. trying to hunt down spelling mistakes and stuff like that). Additionally you will find 18 new links.

July 11, 1996

Finally I created a What's New? file, and I added a dozen new links to the link lists.

July 09, 1996

Lots of thanks to Azaeel who gave me a bunch of interesting new Forever Knight Links! I added them as well as some other links.

Furthermore I updated the WoD Features list with the stuff from the new Mage: the Ascension book Horizon: Stronghold of Hope

And last but not least I added the link to the Webserver where the Stardust vs. Blackfire stories and pictures will be uploaded soon.

June 05, 1996

Stayka's Home Page went online - my first homepage!!! :)))

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