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Below you see the overview of my Misc Anime & Manga Link List:

General Anime Links (English)

Japanese Animation. Definitely not only for children...

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General Anime Links (German)

Saint Seiya Links

Men in Armour Series: Shurato and More

Dark Kingdom Links

Captain Future Links

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne

Saber Rider

Sailormoon Links

Misc Animes/Mangas

Web Comics

Thanks to Anterion for providing me with these great links!!!

Japanese for Anime Fans

AMV Studios and DL

Anime Fandom

Some places where one can buy Anime Stuff

Okay, this is a very small selection of the places where you can get anime stuff, and a biased one at that, but I decided to list only the places here where I can get the stuff that interests me (and currently that's mainly Saint Seiya, Bastard!!, and B'tX)

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