The Keepers of Peace

Suns in Peril

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The year was 2226TT, the place Viresta I/Sna-T'gyhl in the galaxy Cirenn-S'cirain.

Viresta was a majestic red supergiant star circled by two planets, Sna-T'gyhl and Tall-Thomh. Like both of the planets, the whole system was artificially engineered by the long gone planet formers and sun engineers of S'selite, one of the Ancient Peoples that were the founders of the galaxy spanning empire of the Four Galaxies.

Nowadays, the Four Galaxies still existed, but not the old empire anymore, as many of the founding species disappeared or lost interest in the unwieldy political organization. For eons, the main computers of the Old Planets were sleeping in time stasis, a state that kept them in perfect condition as the ravages of time couldn't touch them.

But then, not quite 50 years ago, a research team from Cyrea managed to awaken Cosna, one of the four sentient main computers of the Four Galaxies when they deactivated the stasis generator of Sna-T'gyhl. Cosna sent out the wake-up call to her colleagues and after they assessed the situation in the Four Galaxies, they decided to set up an organisation that might help to get some structure back into the now chaotic landscape of the former empire.

Thus the Keepers of Peace were born, and one of this elect group now lolled about in a comfortable chair in the headquarters of the Keepers and told Cosna what she had been up to the last days. S'ci Coroun was a woman in her mid-twenties with long, scarlet hair that contrasted starkly with her white and silver uniform.

Of course she could have told Cosna everything via mecon, an implanted telepathic comlink that every peace keeper had, but she liked to visit Sna-T'gyhl, because the world of the golden oceans was a spectacular sight to behold with its rainbow coloured sky and the imposing red sun over a fantastic landscape that had been designed by the late S'selitezzan planet formers.

"Well, and in the area Geo'Trie/Voel Ixek I had to get A'shti out of trouble again. I really wonder why our shuttles are called rihkuun. Last I checked that was derived from the term rihkù which means indestructible."

"The lesser developed species in the Four Galaxies dubbed the ships indestructible as they never managed to destroy them in any space battles, but they obviously never encountered A'shti. You know, seven days ago he even damaged another carrier ship in one of his experiments." Cosna's holopersona currently appeared as a woman with light skin, long golden hair and green eyes in a similar white and silver uniform as S'ci's.

"If he continues at that rate, he'll have the vhaaki decimated in no time!""

"Don't worry, so far I can easily replace the losses to the fleet as there are still enough ships stored in time stasis."

"Don't say that too loud", S'ci giggled. "At least I told him to keep his fingers off the Dreamlight, and Codre was very relieved when he heard that."

"Fortunately, the ships' computers can easily be recreated from the backups, but it is still a nuisance as the data between the last memory dump and the destruction of the ship gets lost. Other than A'shti's experiments, was there anything else of note?"

S'ci sighed tragically. "Nope. Totally nothing. Jeih, if nothing interesting happens in the next time, I'll either get bored to death or I'll check if there are some interesting lectures offered at Kara University. What are the others up to, anyway?"

"Ginger and Dark are looking into a pandemic that occured at Su V/Alrau. Then we got a call from Gro-Wayth; A-Feddo Asq'ank - Hieu Alkumu from the Galactic Peace League asked for help against the Embeli Empire. She claims Percy Dardoncey sent his fleets against her again... Why do you grin like this, S'ci?"

"I can't help it - everytime I hear the term 'Peace League' for Hieu's star empire... I'm still not decided who of the two is more belligerent."

"Raké looks into the matter. He knows the conditions there best."

"I'm curious who started the fight this time. My bet is the GPL, if you ask me."

"Judging from the last calls, I tend to agree. Then there is the anomalous cumulation of novae in the sector Dayn. Alya volunteered to have a look into it. "

"So Alya's aversion to Hieu is stronger than her fondness of Raké?" S'ci couldn't suppress a grin. "Admittedly, last time Alya accompanied Raké to the GPL, I heard that Hieu got ballistic and tried to scratch Alya's eyes out accusing her that Alya poached her mate." She tsk-tsked, before she yawned. "And there is really nothing interesting for me?"

"You could follow Ssatemkim and Tuzzotii's example who visit their homeplanet to pay reverence to their queen mothers and meet their hive siblings and nurses."

"Zkeaziin isn't exactly my idea of a holiday resort," S'ci giggled.

"Who talks about Zkeaziin? I thought about Kara or Terra as these are the planets that would best fit the notion of homeplanets for you."

"Hm. I think I neglected Terra a bit in the last time, maybe I should check what they currently teach at the Terran universities. I guess I'll take the Dreamlight."

"Codre still stands at Sna Space Center."

"Then set up a TM-gate to him, please. Thanks and bye, Cosna."

First there was a faint golden shimmer in the air, then the golden-green TM-gate materialised. S'ci got up from her chair, stepped through the field and stood in the command center of her carrier ship Dreamlight.

"Hello Codre", she greeted the computer and only crew member of the vessel. "Please set a course to the Sol system. I'd like you to activate your AsVA combi shield and land invisibly somewhere on Luna - we don't want to upset the Terran military, after all. I'll change into the Firefall, so please set up a TM-gate to the rihkuun. Thanks and bye, Codre."

"Understood." The carrier ship got onto the way and used the TM-relays between Cirenn-S'cirain and Nehgqù-Xuqù to transport in zero time over the full distance of 720kpc.

* * *

S'ci ordered a TM-gate to Nyork, one of the bigger Terran mega cities, crossed the field and stepped into the park area that surrounded the university complex. The beautifully crafted green area was frequented by students and tourists that either strolled through the park or sat in the numerous cafés and ice cream parlours. Suddenly a loud shout "Stop or I'll shoot!" disturbed the peaceful scenery.

"Great. Just when I wanted to relax a bit..." She activated her personal protection field and ran towards the source of the ruckus. With one fluid motion she drew her all-purpose rod that she normally wore wrapped around her wrist like a bracelet. Activated, the APR looked like a 20cm long silver wand that was surrounded by a violet aura.

When she arrived at the scene, she saw two humanoid males engaged in a firefight with rayguns, while hapless bystanders ran away or took cover. One of the two men was immensely good-looking despite his alien colouring with cobalt blue skin and snow-white hair. He was tall and clad in a metallic coverall that shimmered in pale iridescent rainbow colours and he held a beam-pistol in his left hand. Moreover, he was very well-known to S'ci: Cvoa-L'yyn, public enemy number one of the keepers of peace, but unfortunately not only that. The other man was a likewise tall, red-haired Karanyo in a black uniform who also looked vaguely familiar to her.

"Cvoa?" She wondered why the Syaane risked walking around on Terra without any disguise. Due to the fact that he stole some top secret military weapon research data, he was pretty high on the Terran most wanted list, too, and his alien colouring made him stand out rather strongly among the red-blooded Terrans.

But that wasn't her foremost concern. When she got nearer, S'ci felt a much too familiar desire welling up in her and she cursed the fact that Cvoa-L'yyn always had this effect on her. How she longed to go to him now, kiss him deeply and then drag him to some private place where they could enjoy each other again! When their eyes met, she saw that he obviously had very similar ideas, just as usual.

Forcibly, S'ci directed her attention to the Karanéan red-head. He looked familiar, too, but only when she recognized the badge of the Sol-System Special Unit at his uniform with the letters Terra and his name C.Teskar below it, she realised where she met him before. About six years ago, she rescued his spaceship Terra when it had been shot down by T'yla and drifted helplessly in deep space.

But right now she shouldn't dwell on sight-seeing, even though both of the men were quite a sight. With a thought impulse, she activated an energy absorber field courtesy of her APR. The practical all-purpose tool belonged to the highly advanced technology of the Ancient Peoples, the first races that developed in the area of the Four Galaxies, and it could not only drain the energy of weapons, but also emit a field that held the opponents nicely in place and didn't allow them any movement.

S'ci looked at the immobilized men and shook her head. She reduced the field size so that they were only immersed from feet to waist and thus had no problems breathing and talking.

"I have to apologize for interrupting you so rudely, but your little fight could have endangered innocent bystanders, and I won't have that. So what exactly is going on here? By the way, I'm a bit astonished that you run around without your camouflage device, Cvoa."

The Syaane sighed. "Unfortunately, my holomask malfunctioned or no one would have noticed me completing my job here and I would have disappeared without a trace. Although, if I'd have known that you were around, my beautiful peace keeper, I might have reconsidered and stayed a bit longer." His soft, dark voice sounded like a caress when he addressed her.

S'ci blushed when she felt Cvoa's desire through the empathic link that they shared since their first encounter. With time it had become strong enough that he didn't even need to touch her anymore to let her feel his emotions. As he was a full empath and could sense feelings even over a certain distance, she had never been able to hide her feelings from him, and her unbridled longing for him prompted him to put on his best impertinent grin.

C.Teskar followed the exchange with a frown, even more so when S'ci suddenly switched from Transuhh, the lingua franca in the Four Galaxies, to Cvoa's native language Syaanya as she didn't really want anyone else to understand what she wanted to tell him.

"Dammit Cvoa, why did you have to get us into such a mess. You know I don't want to arrest you, because there are so many things I would prefer to do with you, but you also know our agreement - whenever I run into you in public, I have no other choice!"

"Of course I know." Cvoa chuckled. "And by the way, now Fyu knows, too."

Totally perplexed, S'ci looked to the Karanyo whose somewhat stunned reaction showed that he seemed to have understood what she said. "You understand Syaanya, too?" S'ci wished for nothing more than a hole opening in the ground to swallow her. This was too embarassing. Nonetheless she adjusted the field that now it only held the Syaane.

Fyu nodded darkly and Cvoa couldn't hide his utter amusement.

"How so?"

"Fyu grew up with me as I liked the idea to have someone who might help me when he would be grown up. And as he is of Karanéan heritage, he'd have had it easier to sneak into interesting facilities on most of the planets of the Galactic Union."

"You want to say you kidnapped me and tried to turn me into a criminal like you!" Fyu glared at him.

S'ci looked from Fyu to Cvoa and back. This was truly intriguing news. At the same time it showed the Syaane's dark side again, but she had accepted long ago that he was what he was and she would never be able to change him.

"So what about you, peace keeper?" C.Teskar scrutinized the young woman. "Looks like you're another of his ...victims, although I'm a bit astonished he taught you his language. Normally he never bothered to do that with his numerous affairs."

S'ci shot Fyu a withering glare. As if she didn't know that there was no chance she'd ever have Cvoa for herself, but on the other hand, they just couldn't let go of each other either. And this had been going on for quite a while now. "I have no need to justify my feelings to you. I'll be doing my job and deliver Cvoa to the Terran authorities, so you'll have no reason to complain."

"Don't worry, my dear S'ci, I'll escape the Terrans in no time and next time we will meet a bit more privately again." Cvoa-L'yyn winked at her and she felt his burning desire through their empathic link. "By the way, you can deactivate the holding field. I'll try to behave as long as you are around."

"You and behaving? That's news to me," she said amused, but switched off the field nonetheless. Immediately, Cvoa moved towards her, and S'ci almost expected him to sweep her in his arms and kiss her passionately, but instead he made an elegant bow, took her hand and planted a teasing kiss in her palm.

"I'm all yours, my dear S'ci. You may do with me whatever you wish," he said with his soft and now slightly mocking voice.

"Unfortunately not today." She gave him a regretful smile. "I'd like you to accompany C.Teskar and me and submit to the Terran authorities for now."

"I'll honour our agreement." He tenderly caressed her cheek and gave her a soft kiss on her lips. S'ci closed her eyes and savoured the brief contact, then she made a step back from him, before she embarassed herself even more. "Let's go now."

Fyu followed the exchange incredulously. He wondered if S'ci realised that she seemed to have more power over Cvoa than even his partner T'yla had. At the same time he felt vexed. How did this annoying guy always manage to get the girls?

"That's cute. You are jealous!" Cvoa chuckled.

"Would you please refrain from scanning my emotions," Fyu snapped at him.

"Oh please, Fyu, it doesn't need an empath to realise this. But I can put your mind at ease - S'ci isn't my girlfriend, so you can always try to win her heart. But that doesn't mean I will not have her again."

S'ci looked scandalised at Cvoa. "I thought you wanted to behave?!" Unfortunately he was right, though. She had tried to resist him, but no matter what, Cvoa always managed to seduce her. Her only consolation was that he couldn't resist her either whenever they met.

"I just said I'd try to. But you are always such a sweet temptation." He sounded exhilarated. "So don't you want to deliver me to the Terran Police? As I gave you my word not to flee from your custody, my dear S'ci, I can only stage my flight when you are no longer responsible for me. And I would really like to return to my ship as soon as possible."

Fyu couldn't hide his annoyance. Of course he was aware that Cvoa's superior scientific knowledge and gadgets made it virtually impossible for any space police in the Galactic Union to hold him for any length of time, and as she intervened on Terran ground, the peace keeper had no authority to take Cvoa into custody herself - not that Fyu trusted her to arrest him in the first place, the way she acted.

"Of course." With a thought impulse, S'ci activated the mecon link to her rihkuun Firefall. "Hello Cofir. I need a TM-gate from my current location to the Nyork headquarters of the Terran Space Police, three persons. Thanks and bye, Cofir."


In the same moment, the golden-green shimmer of the TM-gate appeared right in front of S'ci and the two men. The short conversation between the computer and the peace keeper was completely silent for all bystanders. "Daccù, messieurs, would you please step through the TM-gate? I set it to the Space Police HQ in Nyork - I think that's where we are supposed to go?"

"A TM-gate?" Fyu looked fascinated at the energy field. Originally he wanted to call a police shuttle to pick them up, but of course it was much faster to use the fantastic technology of the Keepers of Peace. He already experienced the instantaneous transport once when S'ci evacuated him and his crew from the derelict Terra six years ago.

-- tbc --

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