The Keepers of Peace

S'ci and Cvoa

©2010 by Stayka deyAvemta

Last modified: 2010/12/29

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The year was 2220TT, the place Accra II/Kara in the galaxy Nehgqù-Xuqù.

S'ci Coroun sat in a small café in Ke'ara-Lerát. The huge bluish white sun Accra shone brightly from a whitish blue sky devoid of clouds other than the contrails of the aero-shuttles cruising through the lower stratosphere of Kara even though it was already late afternoon.

The young peace keeper sipped a Terran coffee and was still annoyed at her team-partner who had ruined her the opportunity to get to know a really cute Terran space pilot whom she had saved after his ship had been shot down by the peace keepers' long term nemesis T'yla Brit-T'hèr.

But no, A'shti had to do this stupid experiment to try and create a passage through the anti-sun Unea to reach the negative universe, destroying three full carrier vessels in the process. Cosna told her to intervene immediately, and so she had to drop off the guy and his crew to his home base, so that she could stop A'shti from pulverizing yet another carrier ship.

As there was nothing important going on thereafter, she withdrew to her adopted home planet Kara to ponder if she had enough courage to visit Base Luna-Copernicus to see that cute guy again.

"Is this seat taken?"

"Huh?" S'ci looked up from her coffee. The question came from a man in a simple black coverall. He had light skin, purple eyes and deep violet hair; obviously a Karanyo, even though he was quite a bit taller than average. "Well, no", she replied, although she was puzzled as most of the other tables were completely vacant. The man took place and gave her a cheerful smile.

"I'm surprised to run into one of the keepers of peace here", he opened the conversation. "S'ci Coroun, isn't it?"

S'ci put on a frown. "It seems you have me at a disadvantage, Mister...?" Of course she was aware that the keepers were known on most of the major planets in the Galactic Union, but normally they were recognized mostly due to their white and silver uniforms, and she currently wore a plain blue summer outfit and had her scarlet hair bound up in a ponytail, which made her look like an average Karanéa, even though her skin was a bit lighter and the blue of her eyes had a metallic lustre that was a heritage of her half Amyshicaan mother.

"Just call me Cee for now."

S'ci's frown deepened. "This isn't your real name then?"

The man chuckled. "No, Miss Obvious." His soft, deep voice sounded familiar to S'ci, but she couldn't place it. For a moment she considered contacting the computer of her ship via mecon, her implanted telepathic comlink, to run a scanalysis of the man, but then she decided she would try to figure out this mystery on her own.

"What do you want of me?" She studied him coolly.

"Oh, I'd have a couple of ideas, but for now I'd just like to talk to you." His tone of voice was both suggestive and very amused and S'ci looked indignantly at him. This guy was more than full of himself, she thought, but at the same time there was something highly intriguing about him, a charisma that was hard to escape.

"Should I know you?" S'ci wondered.

"Well, you do. I just didn't feel like causing any major upset when I saw the chance to maybe get to know you a little more privately."

When he mentioned 'causing major upset', the peace keeper decided to take her all-purpose rod into her hand, a multifunctional tool that could work as weapon, constraining field projector and more. It was a slender, flexible silver rod that she normally wore wrapped around her wrist like a bracelet.

"Who are you?" she demanded.

"My dear S'ci, do you really want to exercise police powers on a sovereign planet even though I haven't done anything right now? You keepers of peace really should question your procedural methods." His voice was tinged with irony.

The young woman blushed and turned her APR back into the innocuous bracelet.

"I don't have any intentions to harm you, at least not today", he stated conversationally.

S'ci stared at him when it suddenly dawned to her why his soft and slightly mocking voice sounded so familiar.

"Cvoa-L'yyn?" she asked incredulously. His masquerade as Karanyo appeared flawless; he obviously wore a holomask that successfully hid his cobalt blue skin and snow-white hair.

"Caught", he grinned and switched on the privacy setting of the table that made it impossible to view the people seated there from the outside while they could see their surroundings without problems. Then he deactivated his camouflage device. Without it, he wore his usual metallic coverall that shimmered in pale iridescent rainbow colours with black and gold decorations at the half-length sleeves and around the collar. For the keepers of peace, he was public enemy number one, as he was an agent of the enemy star empire Tressila, but S'ci wasn't overly concerned.

"What should hinder me to put you into a constraining field and drag you through a TM-gate into my rihkuun to arrest you?" S'ci wondered.

"Your curiousity?"

"Hm." S'ci had to admit that she was indeed curious. There were so many rumours about him and it might be interesting to figure out which were right and which were wrong. Until now she had never seen him in person, only on comset holoscreens. Cvoa's skin colour was a beautiful cobalt blue that seemed a bit darker than the average teint of the blue-blooded Laan descendants of Pas-Come or Svyét, and his features were very handsome with high cheekbones and a slightly angular facial structure. The colour of his eyes was amazing, blue-violet irises that were speckled with silver under elegantly curved white eyebrows. His mouth was sensual and a little bit too wide, but all in all he looked really stunning, especially as he was tall and had a slender, well-toned body that was accentuated by his tight, shimmering coverall. Unfortunately he was well aware of his good looks and always used the fact to his advantage. "Do you intend to seduce me like you allegedly did with several of my colleagues?"

Cvoa couldn't help laughing at this rather unexpected question. "Would you be so averse to the notion? I freely admit that a certain desire for pleasure is one of my biggest vices." He decided to take S'ci's hand and couldn't resist planting a kiss on her palm. The young woman blushed furiously when a wave of lascivious emotions reached her through the brief contact, especially as she felt that she couldn't stop herself from reacting in kind.

"Da rihh, what are you doing to me?" S'ci glared at him. Of course she had heard that Cvoa was reputedly hard to resist, but she never thought this could happen to her, too.

"Nothing." Cvoa was slightly surprised as her reaction to him was much stronger than he expected and he wondered whether she was an empath, too. Normally he only read the emotions of others and thus was able to tailor his reactions accordingly, but from her feedback he realised that she was able to sense his emotions as well, even though he had the impression that she wasn't trained at all and only instinctively skimmed the surface of his mind. For a moment, he considered putting up a mental shild, but then decided against it. After all of the mentally mute affairs he had since he arrived in the Four Galaxies, this would be a welcome change.

S'ci frowned. Some years ago she had been tested for PSI powers, but there was a severe backlash against the testing telepath that knocked him out for good, and so it was concluded that she had to carry a counter gift. A second attempt ended similarly, and so no telepath dared to scan her again ever since.

Cvoa obviously didn't feel any adverse effects and he took both of her hands now. S'ci had the impression she was completely wrapped in his desire, and she longed to be held by him and more. She feared her face was already as red as her hair. Cvoa was delighted. "Looks like you are interested to have some fun after all", he commented.

S'ci gave him a very dark look. "You wish, huh?" In the same moment she realised the stupidity of her denial when she sensed Cvoa's amusement. "You know, I really should arrest you here and now..." S'ci knew that she didn't sound the least bit convincing.

"I don't believe that you want to ruin yourself the opportunity to have some wild and passionate fun, without any strings attached."

"I just would like to avoid becoming another number in your list of conquests."

"I feel misunderstood", he complained with playfully pouty voice. "But really, I cherish all women who share my quest for pleasure and satisfaction. Setting up lists would devaluate the experience." Much to his amusement, S'ci didn't withdraw her hands, even though it meant their minds were still closely linked in a far more intimate contact than any merely physical union could be.

On the other hand, it allowed S'ci to realise to her surprise that he was absolutely sincere in his claim. She sensed an underlying emotion of loneliness and it confused her a bit as it didn't fit with her image of him. But then he seemed to put it aside as if he didn't want to acknowledge it to himself and focused his attention fully on S'ci again.

"Now tell me truthfully what you would like to do." With a devastatingly charming smile, he lifted her hands to his lips and kissed her fingertips. S'ci shivered when his vehement desire ignited her passion as well.

"As if you wouldn't know..." S'ci wondered why she didn't feel like putting up any resistance. "Did you hypnotize me to fall for you?"

"Do you really think I need to do something like that?" Cvoa sighed tragically. "You hurt my poor little ego."

S'ci couldn't help but giggle. Cvoa's 'poor little ego' was an image too funny to behold. It was a totally weird situation, she thought. She really should put Cvoa in custody and deliver him into the hands of the local space police, but somehow she felt completely at ease in his vicinity. She didn't even flinch when he pulled her closer to caress her cheek and run his hand through her hair. S'ci closed her eyes and savoured the touch.

"I just hope that at least you won't claim I kidnapped you to have my way with you." He gave her a teasing kiss on the lips. "You know, it really annoys me that some of your colleagues decided to ruin my reputation to protect theirs."

"Don't worry, I don't have a boy-friend whom I'd have to explain anything, so you are safe." She couldn't suppress a grin.

"Good." He rose in an elegant, fluid motion and indicated a slight bow. "S'ci, if you think that I tried to entrap you - the truth is that you managed to enchant me just as well. I'm looking forward to enjoy a time of passion with you. So... My place or yours?"

S'ci looked up to him, her cheeks visibly flushed. Till now it had been just talk, the notion to actually go with him merely theoretical, but now she felt her heart beating faster in anticipation. Slowly, she got up as well. "Um... My place, I think?"

"As long as it isn't your rihkuun, I'm okay with that." Cvoa smiled at her and took her hand again, renewing the empathic contact. She closed her eyes and enjoyed bathing in his desire.

"I have an apartment here in the city. Contrary to common belief, we keepers of peace don't live only in our carrier ships or rihkuun. Unfortunately I can't call a TM-field for us as Cos'ca would immediately recognize your genetic make-up when he creates the transport matrix, and he would insist I arrest you right away."

"Then let's go", he suggested. "I want you", he whispered in her ear and brushed her lips with his. S'ci felt as if she was on fire, just from this soft touch.

Cvoa activated the holomask again before they left the privacy field as one of the peace keepers running around cozily with him would be too much fodder for any paparazzi around. It didn't take long until they arrived at her apartment, and when they were inside, Cvoa pulled her into his arms and kissed her properly this time. She melted against his body, savouring the feeling, both in body and mind. S'ci directed him through the hall, and neither paid attention at the tastefully decorated interior with blue and white furnishings and beautiful pictures of aquatic landscapes at the walls.

"S'ci... Just do yourself a favour and don't fall in love with me." Between kisses and tender caresses, he slowly undressed her. Through his empathic ability he got immediate feedback what she enjoyed, and so she eagerly participated and peeled him out of his coverall, too.

"I think I'll get into enough trouble even without falling in love with you." Tentatively, she returned his caresses. She admired his perfect physique, although his cobalt blue skin colour was pretty exotic. But other than that he looked 100 percent compatible with females of the red Cyrean bloodline.

"Why that?"

"Because Cos'ca will certainly berate me for 'sleeping with the enemy'." She giggled and kissed him again before she directed him into her bedroom. This, too, was furnished in beautiful shades of blue. Cvoa fit here perfectly, she thought.

"Why should the computer of your ship know?" Cvoa wondered.

She blushed. "Well, he always analyses my transport matrix when I use a TM-field, and of course he will find out that I'm not a virgin anymore. Add to that genetic traces of you, and Cos'ca can put one and one together..."

"This is your first time?" Cvoa raised one elegantly arched eyebrow. "I'm honoured you share this with me." He kissed her again and pulled her with him onto the bed.

S'ci sighed. Originally she had wanted to wait until she met he man of her life, but somehow Cvoa had managed to completely make her throw everything overboard. She just hoped she wouldn't regret this.

"Doubts?" Cvoa explored her body with kisses and of course S'ci enjoyed his attentions too much to object.

"Actually I'm much too curious and this feels too exciting to leave room for doubts." She decided to do some more extensive exploring of her own now. "By the way, your skin colour is just too fascinating." She licked at his chest.

Cvoa chuckled. "It won't come off."

"Why is it that you are so completely irresistible? Okay, I did hear the rumours that you have no problems to seduce practically every woman you want, but I never thought that you'd have that effect on me, too!"

"I'll see to it that you won't have any reason to complain", he replied cheerfully and took his time to caress her. He enjoyed the waves of pleasure that he sensed through his empathic gift, especially as the feedback enhanced his own enjoyment as well.

* * *

When S'ci woke up in the morning, she was still closely cuddled up to Cvoa. Somehow it was a bit unreal, she thought. There she was in bed with the most dangerous enemy of the keepers of peace and she felt not only completely safe in his arms, but also utterly relaxed and very satisfied. She propped herself up on her elbow and studied his beautiful features. He appeared completely ageless, but then, people of Laan heritage did have the highest average life expectancy of the three humanoid bloodlines.

Cvoa opened his fantastic metallic-violet eyes and pulled her down for another lingering kiss. "Good morning, my lovely peace keeper. I have to thank you for a wonderful night. But I guess it is time for me to leave now."

He felt her disappointment through the empathic link and caressed her cheek. "S'ci, you know as well as I that you will not leave the keepers of peace, and that would be the only way to enjoy a prolongued relationship with me. You are not meant to be on the run and killing people if they get in your way. Better leave that to T'yla."

S'ci looked at him. "Do you love her?" She had always wondered why Cvoa and T'yla were partners even though he obviously didn't miss out on anything.

Cvoa pondered the question a moment. "Do I love her? I guess I got used to her. She decided to stay with me and you can't say she isn't useful for me." On the other hand, T'yla was cruel and thrived on negative emotions like pain, a fact that made him keep his mental shields up closely when he was together with her. Cvoa didn't enjoy pain at all, he strove for pleasure, and so he satisfied his needs elsewhere.

S'ci was surprised to sense an unexpected wave of loneliness from him again and laid her head on his chest.

"I warned you not to fall in love with me."

"Cvoa, probably you should try not to fall in love with me either."

His expression suddenly changed from vulnerable to amused as he caught himself again. "True. But as compensation I'd like to make love to you one more time."

"You are insatiable."

"I didn't hear any complaints last night."

"And you won't hear any now either." S'ci smiled and they indulged their passion once more, taking their sweet time enjoying each other.

Afterwards, Cvoa gave her a regretful smile as he put on his clothes. He was tempted to stay a little longer as he had a lot of fun with the young woman, especially as the experience was enhanced by the fact that they could share each others emotions through a two-way empathic link. But then, it was probably more exciting to meet her again and then continue where they left off here.

S'ci stayed in her bed, watching him thoughtfully. This was a disaster, she thought. There was no way she could consider him her enemy anymore. Now he would always be the man who introduced her to the joys of love, and who did a more than wonderful job at that.

When he was completely dressed, he bowed down to S'ci and gave her a final kiss. "A-tás, my dear S'ci. Good-bye."

"Good-bye." Her gaze followed him as he left her apartment and she sighed. She would have loved to ask him to stay, but this would probably have been a very bad idea. She needed to come to her senses again soon.

A while later, she got up and took a shower. In her memory she still felt Cvoa's caresses all over her body and the overwhelming ecstasy of their love-making.

Finally she put on her white and silver uniform and called the computer of her rihkuun S'can-Seeva via mecon. "Hello Cos'ca. I need a TM-gate to you, one person. And, er, I guess you have to do an update of my TM-matrix. There is something I most definitely don't want to have ...corrected." She felt her cheeks get hot as she explained the situation to Cos'ca, leaving out Cvoa's identity for now. Cos'ca would notice and reprimand her early enough.

Right in front of her, a golden-green field shimmered into existence. S'ci stepped through and stood on the bridge of her rihkuun. The S'can-Seeva was one of the numerous shuttles of her carrier ship Dreamlight, but she preferred to use the smaller craft as the carrier vessels were too large to land on a planet without a special spaceport.

"S'ci, correct me if I am wrong, but my scanalysis revealed that you had intimate contact with Cvoa-L'yyn." The disembodied voice of her ship sounded unmistakingly reproachful.

"You are not wrong, but I would prefer you keep that to yourself." S'ci most definitely didn't want all of her colleagues to know that she had succumbed to Cvoa's charms, too.

"What happened?" The computer's voice sounded slightly worried.

"I guess you could say he managed to seduce me." When she looked back at the course of events, she was totally taken aback how easily he had managed to make her give in. But then, it had been worth it.

"He didn't force you?"

"Umm, no. He was just... very convincing", she said dreamily. If someone would have told her before that Cvoa was such a wonderful lover, she wouldn't have believed it.

"S'ci, Cvoa is our enemy!"

"I know." But I don't mind, she added in her thoughts.

"He didn't try to make you defect and betray the keepers of peace?"

"No. And please, Cos'ca. Leave it at that. I don't want to discuss what happened with you or anyone else." She just knew she wanted to see him again, no matter how wise it was or not.

* * *

S'ci spent the next time on Kara to attend several lectures about hyperphysics that were held by Cyn-Meryam d'Siina, one of the leading Karanéan scientists in that area. Of course she could ask Cos'ca or any of the other computers to give her the data crystals to study the topic on her own, but she liked to be able to discuss things with other students or the teachers at Kara University Ke'ara-Lerát.

Moreover, she needed time away from her colleagues of the keepers of peace as she had to come to terms with her tumultuous feelings for Cvoa-L'yyn.

Damn, he really didn't waste any time when he targeted her - and she just went along, even knowing this wouldn't be about love, but just pure lust. On the plus side he had been right about one thing. She definitely didn't have any reason to complain. Cvoa was an utter hedonist, and him being an empath, he made sure that she felt as much pleasure as he did because it enhanced his experience even more.

Her problem at the moment was that she felt she was in severe danger of falling in love with him after all - no matter that he was an enemy and that he certainly wasn't interested in any real relationship. She even was aware of the fact that any idea of making him change his ways was absolutely ridiculous.

S'ci sighed and put her attention to the lecture again. She probably should look for a proper boyfriend as soon as possible so that she would get over this idiotic infatuation.

"I can feel that you still have the hots for me", a much too well-known soft voice suddenly whispered seductively in her ear. S'ci turned around and suddenly realised that the green-haired Karanyo next to her could be no other than Cvoa-L'yyn in disguise again.

"Dammit Cvoa, are you stalking me?" she hissed under her breath, but his closeness nonetheless stirred her blood again.

"My dear S'ci, I just felt the irresistible urge to meet you again as our recent night of passion left me wanting for more."

"And you think I will just give in again?"

"Sure." His fingertips just touched the back of her hand, and the empathic contact was back full force.

S'ci held her breath when his desire mingled with hers, despite the fact that she tried desperately to keep her longing in check. It was uncanny how easily he managed to ensnare her again.

"Come with me - or do you want to wait till the end of the lecture?" He took her hand and kissed her palm. S'ci couldn't believe how this tender touch could ignite her passion so strongly. Quietly they got up and left the lecture hall. Just outside, Cvoa pulled her into his arms and kissed her deeply and with abandon.

When they parted, S'ci looked breathlessly up to him. "You did it again", she said accusingly. "I can't think about anything else but you and what I'd like to do with you now..."

Cvoa chuckled. "Well, then let's go to your place and I'll be all yours." He was delighted. When he had seen S'ci and decided it might be amusing to seduce her, he would never have dreamed that she would be so eager to join the fun. He couldn't resist giving her a soft teasing kiss on the lips, just as a little further incentive.

S'ci closed her eyes and sighed. She decided to forget about any thoughts of decency and just enjoy herself with Cvoa.

They used the public subway trains that connected all areas of the town in a logistically perfect pattern and S'ci was glad that Cvoa decided to keep up with his disguise for now. She was aware that some people recognized her as member of the keepers of peace, and they already looked curiously at Cvoa in his Karanéan guise. If they knew who he really was, this would certainly cause a real scandal, especially as he just couldn't keep his hands to himself.

"But tomorrow morning I want to attend Professor d'Siina's lecture again."

"Are you sure?" He tenderly caressed the nape of her neck and of course she felt her resolve slip away.

"That's the main reason why Cosna gave me a while off."

"Hm. What would you say if I would give you some private lessons?"

"Oh, I can imagine those private lessons!" S'ci giggled.

Cvoa lifted one eyebrow. "Don't underestimate me. I could probably teach this professor of yours a thing or two. And not what you are thinking of now!" He grinned at her.

"You are really an expert in hyperphysiscs?"

"I'm an expert in several fields. Thanks to the ingenious teaching technologies we have at home, I was taught a wide spectrum of useful knowledge. My parents wanted me to get into academics and a teaching job, but much to their chagrin, I decided to sign up with a different company. I just love adventure too much to get stuck in some university."

They left the subway when they reached the stop near S'ci's home at Kara. The young peace keeper looked fascinated up to Cvoa, although he looked a bit ordinary with light skin, blue eyes and green hair.

"So you took up a job as an agent of the Union Tressila?" Much to S'ci's regret, the peace keepers didn't know much more about him than this fact, but maybe she could change that.


"What is your home planet like?"

"Syaana is beautiful. It's a world very much like Kara, only it is the third planet from its sun. And Syaana has a spectacular ring that shimmers like a rainbow in the night sky." Cvoa smiled wistfully when he thought about his home world that he hadn't seen for so many years now.

They reached the block that contained S'ci's apartment. When the door closed behind them, Cvoa switched off his holomask and S'ci's heart skipped a beat when he looked like himself again. She rose up on her tiptoes and kissed him.

"I think I might take you up on your offer of the private lessons after all."

"Something tells me that you are not talking about hyperphysics, though."

"I thought about practical studies in xenobiology right now."

Cvoa couldn't help but grin at her deadpan reply. "You can count yourself lucky as that is one of my favourite subjects, too."

And so they spent till late afternoon with their 'practical studies' until S'ci called for a break.

"You have a very bad influence on me", she said dreamily with her head resting on his chest. "What would you say to some early dinner now?"

"Sounds like a plan." Cvoa idly stroked her back.

"But this leads me to a real question on your biology." She giggled. "As I obviously don't have any food matrices from Syaana in the food synthetisizer, I wonder if you like Comaani or Svyéti food." Both Pas-Come and Svyét were planets inhabited by people who were descendants from the blue Laan bloodline like Cvoa.

"Comaani food is fine with me", he said. "And if you would serve me a nice hot rij-sian as beverage, I'd be absolutely delighted."

"You like it sweet, hm?" If one ignored the deep yellow colour, the Comaani rij-sian smelled and tasted a lot like Terran cocoa and it belonged to the Comaani foodstuffs that were edible by descendants of the red Cyrean bloodline, too.

"Didn't you notice?" He kissed her again.

"Point taken." Gently she left his embrace and disappeared into the bathroom to freshen up a little. When she came out, she wore a short white tunic and her hair didn't look like a mess anymore.

While she was preparing dinner, Cvoa got up, put on his shimmering coverall and joined her in the kitchen. "This looks delicious."

S'ci had programmed a number of different dishes in the food synthetisizer and distributed them on the table.

"I hope the Comaani dishes I selected are to your liking. I don't know how they taste, so I just looked up some suggestions in the foodweb database."

"Well, they look great for sure." He tried one piece of vegetable with his fingers. "Delicious indeed."

"Eh!" S'ci gave him a playful slap on the fingers. "You really can't behave, can you?"

"I'm a bad guy. I'm allowed to do whatever I want." He caught her in his arms, grinned and gave her a nicely visible hickey at her throat before he let her go again.

S'ci looked at him, slightly scandalized at first, then sighed. This would get fun if she wouldn't find the strength to resist him in future. But then - did she even want to resist him in the first place? Decency be damned, she thought, wrapped her arms around his neck, pulled him down to her and kissed him passionately. "Good girls can do that, too."

Cvoa raised an eyebrow in amusement when he put his arms around her and pulled her close. "So it would seem." She felt really good, he thought, but he definitely needed to remember that this shouldn't be about love and she most certainly shouldn't forget that either. But it felt great nonetheless!

"I think we really should eat something now." S'ci gave him a dazzling smile that promised a special dessert afterwards.

"You amaze me, my beautiful peace keeper. I expected you to try and avoid me after our first encounter, but you seem to be more than eager to continue our little pleasant affair."

"It's all your fault. You showed me how wonderful it feels to make love, so how can you be surprised that I want more? Especially as you told me yourself you just wanted to offer 'wild and passionate fun, without any strings attached'."

"An interesting way to put this. So you really wouldn't mind any further encounters?"

"As long as we keep it secret, I wouldn't mind. I just don't want to get into trouble with my colleagues." Somehow S'ci couldn't really believe herself what she was saying there, but then, what exactly did she have to lose?

"I think I can live with that." Cvoa was both amused and a bit astonished, too. Somehow he had the feeling this might turn into more than just the normal one-night stand or two. A bit reluctantly, he let S'ci go to sit down at the table.

"Ay jéesha, what are we getting us into," S'ci wondered. "This just can't end well."

"But until then we'll have a lot of fun." He tried the Comaani dishes S'ci had chosen and smiled appreciatively. "Good choices."

"Better thank the foodweb database, not me."

"Thanking you will definitely be more pleasurable, though." He leaned toward her and gently stroked the back of her hand with his fingertips, letting her feel his desire through the empathic link. S'ci closed her eyes and savoured his longing, knowing that he felt hers just as well.

"I can't wait for it." She intertwined her fingers with his and marveled at the intimacy this innocuous gesture conveyed when shared with him. Absently she wondered if their relationship might ruin all other relationships with non-empaths for her, because she realised that there would always be something missing now.

Reluctantly she let go of his hand as she wanted to concentrate on the food for a change. "You are quite a distraction", she complained when she finally began to eat.

Cvoa chuckled. "Well, I can return the compliment. I originally wanted to do something else today, but I just couldn't resist seeing you again."

"How did you find me in the university in the first place?"

"Oh please. You showed me your place here at Kara and I only needed to set up a surveillance drone that followed you from there."

"So you were stalking me!"

"Guilty as charged. But be honest - did you mind?"

"Hm. I wanted to hear Professor d'Siina's lecture."

"I thought our 'practical studies in xenobiology' weren't such a bad alternative." Cvoa grinned at her.


"You are just too sweet a temptation, my lovely peace keeper."


Cvoa laughed. "Tell me more!" He caught her hand once more and kissed her fingertips.

"You only want to take advantage of me!" S'ci got up from the table, sat down on Cvoa's lap and kissed him deeply.

"Who is taking advantage of whom here?"

"That's just a tactical first strike." She caressed his cheek and ran her fingers through his thick, snow white hair, before her lips met his again.

"I thought you wanted to have some dinner and not skip right to the dessert?" Cvoa raised an eyebrow.

"It's all your fault! You're driving me crazy, and I bet you're enjoying this."

"Absolutely." His hands slid under her tunic and wandered teasingly over her skin. "But don't worry, I want you as much as you want me, so we're even."

Thus they decided to forget about the dinner and disappeared right into the bedroom where they made love in wild abandon until they fell into an exhausted sleep.

* * *

When she woke up in the morning, S'ci realised that the lecture she wanted to attend was already half over. Cvoa seemed to be still asleep and so she decided to use the time to go to the bathroom. A cold shower probably wouldn't be a bad idea at all. She couldn't understand why she totally lost herself in Cvoa's vicinity, but as soon as he touched her, it was as if both their emotions went wild.

It was strange, she mused. Yes, he was more than good-looking, but he certainly wasn't her type. She very much preferred guys with kara-red or violet hair and pale skin. Not even in her wildest fantasies did she imagine she'd get involved with a blue-skinned alien man from an enemy galactic empire. At least his Laan heritage had the advantage that there was no chance that she could accidentally get pregnant. She stepped into the shower, but couldn't bring herself to set it to cold. It wouldn't make a difference anyway, she thought with a giggle. At least the hot water might help a little against the fact that she seemed to have some sore muscles in places where she would never have imagined it possible.

Finally she wrapped herself in a towel and went back to her bedroom. Cvoa still slept and she admired what she could see of his magnificent physique. Tenderly, she ran her fingers through his hair, caressed his cheek and the side of his throat before she wandered over his shoulder and further down. When he slept, the emotional feedback loop was much weaker, but she still felt her desire grow again. She bowed down to him and softly kissed his lips. She was rewarded when he opened his deep blue-violet eyes in which silver specks danced like stardust.

"Good morning, Cvoa."

"Good morning, my lovely peace keeper." He pulled her into his arms. "Thank you for another wonderful night."

She snuggled up to him. "I think I can honestly say it was my pleasure, too." A bit reluctantly, she disentangled herself from him. "But now.... Rise and shine!"

"You are cruel!"

"I wanted to sit in the lecture now, but you managed to make me oversleep!"

"My offer with the private lessons stands. And I promise to try and not get too distracted by you." He got out of the bed and stretched lazily.

S'ci devoured him with her eyes. It was fascinating, she thought. His cobalt blue skin appeared more and more normal to her. "Well, I guess then I should try and pull myself together, too. I'll prepare our breakfast now."

"Good." He disappeared into the bathroom. Next time he should take a change of clothes with him, he thought, before he caught himself. What the heck was he thinking? But then, S'ci was a more than pleasurable pastime and the fact that they had an empathic link really enhanced the experience. The last time he had so much fun with a woman was back at Syaana with the girls that shared his empathic gift, too.

But he shouldn't forget that he still had a job to do. His visit to Kara originally had the goal to acquire the research results of the Karanéan weapon specialist Allayn s'Klih. Ah well, it didn't matter if he took a day or two more to obtain his goal. He was a free agent, after all. T'yla would probably be furious again, but then, when she told him she wanted to become his partner, he told her right away that she wouldn't have any exclusive rights to him. Of course she didn't like the idea, but she had to comply if she really wanted to accompany him, and so it was her decision. Maybe things could have been different if she had not been mute and deaf where empathy was concerned, but so she would always lack a very important trait.

-- tbc --

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