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Characters: Die Hüter des Friedens - Keepers of Peace

The Keepers usually work in teams of two. The first team consisted of Cleopatra T'hèr and C'olin. The Karanéa Cleo T'hèr was considered the nominal chief of the Keepers until she mysteriously disappeared.

The Beginning: Cleopatra & Co. (>2178TZ)

Under the 'command' of the Cyraean Mé-Ikà, the Keepers developed into a well-known and revered force for peace and the good. The peacekeepers Alya Sadir and S'ci Coroun were especially famous throughout the Four Galaxies.

Prime Time: S'ci, Alya & Co. (>2224TZ)

The next generation of peacekeepers wasn't a successful as the one before. Now internal quarrels began and fights about ethical issues. Especially Laé and Carmee became very troublesome, because they often abused their PSI-powers, well, and Keryam fell for Cvoa-L'yyn's son Tesco which incited the next big bang among the Keepers...

Crisis and Quarrels: Keryam & Co. (>2250TZ)

Characters: Pete und die BL-C Crew

C.Pete T-S'cèr and his friends founded the only non-military base on Sol III/Terra I/Luna, which annoyed the Terran military to no avail. But from there they try to guard peace and catch criminals in their own right. Pete occasionally works together with the Keepers.

Pete and friends (in 2187TZ)

Pete and friends (in 2226TZ)

Characters: Cvoa-L'yyn & Co.

Cvoa-L'yyn and T'yla Brit-T'hèr are the notorious bad guys from the point of view of the Peacekeepers. As Cvoa is in fact an intergalactic agent who looks for information about the Four Galaxies to defend against another attack of them, he thinks a bit differently about who is good and who is evil...

Cvoa-L'yyn & Co.

Misc Characters

These characters play some other minor or major roles in my universe.

Misc characters


Illustrations of Scenes and Planetscapes

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