Die Hüter des Friedens

(SF-Action Stories by Stayka deyAvemta)

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All the stuff herein is originally written and thus copyrighted by me. The artwork is originally done by either Dagmar Gerold or me (Stayka deyAvemta). Anyone who wants to use anything contained in this pages non-commercially may do so, when he/she gives us due credit. I'd also like to get a word how you liked our stuff!

I admit these stories are a bit dated by now, but a friend of mine nagged and nagged that she wanted to read them anyway, so here they are. Consider them 'youth sins' of mine (hey, I was only 12 when I wrote the first of the stories, and the concept of the Keepers of Peace I created when I was in the third grade at primary school :). Maybe I will re-write them someday, because I am still very fond of the characters...

HdF Cover

BTW, all the stories are written in German language. There's no translation available, sorry.

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