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Well, I had too much time at my hands, so I just made some notes who of the Dark Kingdom appeared in which episode. The order of the German episodes is the same as the Japanese, and there were no episodes left out.

Sasha Twen, the Keeper of the German Sailormoon FAQ helped me out with some of the missing youma and transcriptions of the Japanese names as she could consult the proper books. Thanks :)

I got some other transcriptions for the Japanese names from Luke Sather's Japanese - English Terminology Guide and gave them as second version, too.

Still the spelling of the German names of the youma is more or less an educated guess according to the pronunciation in the dubbed episodes. I put the German names in square brackets.

001 - Jadeite, youma Moruga [Morga]
002 - Jadeite, youma Baamu [no name given in the German dub]
003 - Jadeite, youma Furau [Kita]
004 - Jadeite, a horde of manipulated humans
005 - Jadeite, youma Iguaara [Iguala]
006 - Jadeite, youma Kyurene [Korinne]
007 - Jadeite, youma Dereera [no name given in the German dub]
008 - Jadeite, youma Garoben [no name given in the German dub]
009 - Jadeite, youma Ramua [Ramua]
010 - Jadeite, youma Kigaan [no name given in the German dub]
011 - Jadeite, youma Muurido [Muredo]
012 - Jadeite, youma Tetisu [Tetis]
013 - Jadeite put to eternal sleep by Queen Beryl, first appearance of Nephrite
014 - Nephrite, first appearance of Zoisite, youma Tesunii [Tesnai]
015 - Nephrite, youma Petasosu [Petasos]
016 - Nephrite, youma Widou [Böse Witwe, 'evil widow']
017 - Nephrite, youma Kyameran [Kameran], Zoisite
018 - Nephrite, Zoisite, youma Jumou [Jumo]
019 - Nephrite (ridiculously dressed as Tuxedo Kamen), Zoisite, lion youma
020 - no one of the Dark Kingdom in this episode (maybe the proof that they have holidays in the DK :)
021 - Nephrite, Zoisite, twin youma Kasutoru+Porukuso [Kastor+Pollux]
022 - Nephrite, Zoisite, first appearance of Kunzite [no youma, but Nefuraito no bunshin (Nephrite's alter ego)]
023 - Nephrite, Zoisite, Kunzite, youma Yasha [Yasha]
024 - Zoisite; Nephrite killed by 3 youma at Zoisite's command: Gureepu, Suzuran, Housenka [no names given in the German dub]
025 - Zoisite, Kunzite, youma Geeseen [Roboter des Teufels, 'devil's robot'] (Joe)
026 - Zoisite, youma Bokushii [Rocco] (the minister)
027 - Zoisite, Kunzite, youma Bunbou [Bumbou] (Ryo Urawa)
028 - Zoisite, youma Biina [Vinya] (Yumeno Yumemi)
029 - Zoisite, Kunzite, youma Rikokeidaa [Techniklon] (Reika Nashimura)
030 - Zoisite, youma Jiji [Großvater-Teufel, 'grandfather devil'] (Rei's grandfather)
031 - Zoisite, youma Bakeene [no name given in the German dub] (Red Battler/Rhett Butler)
032 - Zoisite, Kunzite, youma Akan [Akan]
033 - Zoisite (masked as Sailormoon; gives a much better performance than Nephrite as Tux :), Kunzite
034 - Zoisite, Kunzite
035 - Kunzite; Zoisite killed by Queen Beryl (and Mamoru still lives, pah!)
036 - Kunzite, Endymion, youma Mitsuaami [Braida] (Kariko Tokoyama)
037 - Kunzite, Endymion, youma Shakoukai [no name given in the German dub] (Gräfin 'Duchess' Rose)
038 - Kunzite, Endymion, youma Burizaa [Blizzard] (Saeko Yamamoto)
039 - Kunzite, Endymion, youma Miisha [Misha] & Janerin [Jennilyn]
040 - Endymion, Kunzite, Mizumi no Yokai (lake spirit)
041 - Endymion, Kunzite
042 - Kunzite, youma Papion [Papillon] (Katarina/Katherine)
043 - Kunzite, youma Oniwabandana [Bandana] (Nana Asahina)
044 - Kunzite killed by his own deflected attack, sniff
045 - Beryl, five youma D.D. Gaarizu (DD Girls) [no name given in the German dub]
046 - Beryl, Endymion, Metallia; everything gets blasted via the silver crystal

Well, and as I love statistics - this makes the following number of appearances for each of the Kings + Prince Endymion:

Jadeite (13)
Nephrite (11)
Zoisite (19)
Kunzite (18)
Endymion (7)

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