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Finished Stories

Here I'll put the stories that are really finished - there'll be no more chapters added and I won't make any more changes (except for getting rid of typing mistakes, should I find any); if you're interested, you can put them on your homepage (with the proper copyright notice and an email to me where you've put them, that is).

Tales from the Dark Kingdom: First Series

This is a four part mini series of short stories which focus on Kunzite and Zoisite. It starts out with the initial meeting of the two, and depicts how they 'found' each other. Shounen Ai alert :)

1998/06/19: Finally I found a kind soul who proofread the first series of the Tales! Lots of thanks to E.Liddell who dug through the texts and weeded out my grammar and word order mistakes!

Tales from the Dark Kingdom: Second Series

Hey, folks, I finally managed to convince Shavana, my good friend and longtime co-author of thousands of pages of funny SF-action stories, to join me in writing some Dark Kingdom stuff! I kept Kunzite & Zoisite, while she took over Nephrite and a character of hers, Obsidian. This is a more or less connected series of short stories, and the end of part #13 is the beginning of Bishoujo Senshi SailorMoon.

1998/07/31: By now, parts 5-8 were proofread by E.Liddell whom I can't thank enough for doing tedious work of digging through my texts and pointing out my highly embarassing mistakes...

Ongoing Stories

This story is currently under major revision. So please expect updates to any chapter at the moment. I'm sorry, but I had to I delete the zip-File as it is too tedius to update it as often as I rework stuff here.

Tears of Crystal

This story depicts a different outcome of episode #035 (Yomigaeru kioku! Usagi to Mamoru no kako), and it's supposed to solve the mystery of the silver crystal and answer the question where the Dark Kingdom truly came from. Furthermore it'll show that there are some big misconceptions about who is good and who is evil in this universe. <eg>

This story belongs into the same story continuity where Tales of the Dark Kingdom is located, and it is a good idea to read both parts of Tales of the Dark Kingdom first.

By the way, why don't you sign my Guestbook to give me some input what you liked/disliked about the stories? Thanks in advance!


Poetry is a passion of mine, so I couldn't help myself and wrote some pieces. Fortunately poems tend to be quite short and thus are faster to write down, and somehow I feel more comfortable to write poems than prose, especially in English. (In German it's the other way round - there I prefer to write prose.) Long speech, short meaning: Enjoy!




Queen Beryl:



These Shrines were orinially created for the now long dead Sailormoon Kawaii Anime Men Club (SKAM) by ChibiChan and Leto-chan. As I don't like stuff simply disappearing into the void, I decided to put them up here now. Have fun!

Finished Stories - Non English

Geschichten aus dem Königreich des Dunklen: 1. Zyklus [German]

Well, I have been asked by some people why I write my FanFics in English when I'm from Germany and there are too few stories in German. So I decided to translate at least the four stories from the first series of the Tales from the Dark Kingdom to German. Here they are! Unfortunately there are some puns and expressions that got lost in the translation, so I suggest reading the English original, if you are able to.

Histoires du Dark Kingdom: 1ère série [French]

When I looked into my mailbox, I found an absolutely cool letter by Dominique 'Doom' Théberge who actually offered me to translate the Tales from the Dark Kingdom to French! As my French is mainly good for reading and understanding, I really have to thank her for the effort. So now you can read the first series of the Tales in French!

Sign up for the Tales/ToC Mailing List

On popular demand, I set up a mailing list where people who like Shavana's and my Dark Kingdom stories can discuss stuff, offer input and whatever. Here I'll also announce when I managed to post another piece of the story :))) Feel free to join if you like Tears of Crystal, Tales of the Dark Kingdom and the other DK FanFics of this page :)

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