Shari's Dark Kingdom FanFics

(A collection of Stories about the Shitennou)

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The fanfics on this page are written by Shari. If you wish to take them, you have to ask her for permission!

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For the Love of Zoi

This fic is totally hilarious! Even though it describes Zoycite als a lady, I just couldn't resist to ask Shari for permission to upload it to my website. Just read it! And the end is the utmost stroke of genius. ^_^

Fire and Ice

I really love stories that deal with Kunzite and Zoisite's initial meeting and how they got together. Shari's version is a definite must-read in that subject, too!

Four Points

This fanfic describes an interesting alternate universe. The Shitennou return and have to fight a new battle. You will also get a glimpse of the events in the Silver Millennium.

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