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FanFics by Alielle

Email: - Alielle

Alielle is a fellow chatter from the ircnet channel #smof (German Sailormoon Online Fanclub).

Jedytes Wiederkehr [German]

Alielle's first story Jedytes Wiederkehr (Jedyte's Return) is an absolutely funny parody that features not only Jadeite vs. the Inner Senshi, but also has guest appearances of the Outer Senshi, ChibiUsa, BlackLady and the Sailor StarLights... Jedyte is Jadeite's name in the German dub, Peryllia is Beryl and Bunny is Usagi.

Kleptomanite [German]

The second story by Alielle is not as funny as the former Jedyte's Wiederkehr, but it features mainly Zoisite and Kleptomanite (the 5th Dark King) and their fierce rivalry.

Poetry by Charis

Email: - Charis


In my opinion there are far too few poems around, and so I was very glad that I got this interesting piece by Charis. It's written from Queen Beryl's point of view and sheds some light into her dark mind :)

FanFics and Poetry by ChibiChan

Email: - ChibiChan

Tear Drops

This story was formerly known as Together Again and suffered a very tragic fate as ChibiChan managed to lose a whole chapter due to computer problems. Tear Drops is an emotionally dense story that features Nephrite after his death on the hands of Zoisite's youma.


I'd rather let those poems speak for themselves!

Poetry by Corvus

Email: - Corvus


This poem from Jadeite's point of view, either just as or just after Beryl zaps him. Everybody moons over poor Kunzite losing Zoisite... but who cares what Jadeite feels?

FanFics by Cresent Star

Email: - Cresent Star

The Venusian Masquerade

I must admit when I read the first chapter of this 'fic I was a bit skeptical what it might be about. The second part made some things a bit clearer, but it was when I got the 'annotated' version (see below) that I just had to add this story :))

A Royal Trouncing

Cresent Star did in this story what too few authors are able to - she actually made fun of herself and her above story The Venusian Masquerade. Just read it, it's hilarious!

What Ya Gotta Know Before You Marry...

We all know that the gorgeous four Kings are adored by lots of persons (mostly of the female sex). But have you ever considered how things might go if you'd actually marry one of them? Well, Cresent Star thought on it, and here are the pros and cons.

FanFics by dalles

Email: - dalles


Have you read Tacky Yellow No-Name? If you did and liked it, you will also love Wannabe. This story is a whacked-out parody that had me snicker all along while reading it.

In My Dreams

Contrary to Wannabe, this story is very serious and sad. It deals with Kunzite's and Zoisite's relationship during the Silver Millennium.


This tale is about Zoisite's feelings while trapped in the Dark Kingdom. It's a very intense and dark story.

Voices Inside My Head, Echoes of What You Said

This story is set in the Dark Kingdom, and the main character is another King called Kyanite. The tale conveys a dark mood, and you should better not read it when you are already depressed :) This is the 2000 version of the tale which was completely rewritten.


Much to my delight, dalles writes not only cool stories, but also gripping poems!

FanFics by E.Liddell

Due to the fact that E.Liddell's story is a true epic, I thought I should put it on a page of its own :)

Go to the Crystal Weaver Saga and some unrelated stuff!

FanFics by Elaby

Email: - Elaby
Homepage: Elaby has a homepage - I just have to ask for the URL ^_^

Dark Epoch

This story deals with Kunzite's feelings in the time after Queen Beryl killed poor Zoisite-kun...

FanFics by EnsignZoi

Email: - EnsignZoi

Fire Rekindled

When I browsed a little through the last days, I stumbled over this story which stood out from the others I read so far, and so I left a note that I'd like to publish it here. I was amazed to get a mail as reply that the author was in fact Ensign Zoi who wrote Waiting for You. This tale is set in Crystal Tokyo and we meet Zoisite who was reborn as an orphan without his memories. When Kunzite tries to recover him, a twist of fate spirits him away...

Waiting for You

EnsignZoi wrote a contemplative short fic about Zoisite, set right after his death scene.

FanFics by the Great Ace Otaku

Well, the Great Ace Otaku delivered such a wealth of cool stories that she got a page of her own, too!

Go to Ace Otaku's Cool & Fun Stories!

FanFics by Heather Fleming

Email: - Heather Fleming
Homepage: Heather's Literary Lair

For Want of a Button

Whoa! When I discovered this story I was in love immediately! It depicts another version of Kunzite's and Zoisite's first meeting.

No Place for Passion

This short piece of fan fiction is nonetheless very gripping. Don't miss it!

FanFics by Heather and Paula

Email: - Heather and Paula Fleming

Attack of the Killer Cliches

I just love funny FanFics and parodies. Writing stories myself, I have to admit that I'm using quite some of the cliches as well that Heather and Paula so aptly parody in their funfic :)))

FanFics by Hiyami

Email: - Hiyami
Homepage: Kunzite and Zoisite's Haven

Hiyami writes her stories in French, but I can assure you - they are definitely worth reading! She designed a wholly new background for the denizens of the Dark Kingdom whom she calls 'Shinma' (after a wonderful certain other Manga/Anime series).
I must admit I've never read such intriguingly different DK stories before.

Stories in French

Stories in English

FanFics by Jasla Isidore

Email: - Jasla Isidore

The Day of Another

This story follows the Sailormoon episodes 35-44 and sheds some intimate insights in the minds of Zoisite and Kunzite.

FanFics by Jinci

Email: - Jinci

One Second

This story shows a slightly different side of Kunzite while he ponders about his non-action when Beryl fried Zoisite.

FanFics by Kaoru

Email: - Namikata Kaoru

Twilight of the Heart

Cresent Star pointed me to this wonderful story - thanks! It's set after Zoisite's death and portrays Kunzite's feelings which were somehow never shown in the anime. Kaoru's story is beautiful, sad and still has somewhat like a 'happy' ending.

FanFics by Lady Emma

Email: - Lady Emma

Sailor Silver Moon

I haven't gotten a story by a new author in quite a while, and so I'm happy to present this hilarious funfic by Lady Emma. It had me snickering wildly in the bus and people looked at me a bit worriedly, LOL. Enjoy!

FanFics by Lady Raven

Email: - Lady Raven
Homepage: MangasZene Online

Lady Raven is a German language fanfic writer whose work I discovered when I browsed through the forum of AuSMPD.

Entscheidung am Nordpol [German]

This Story takes place about half a year after the defeat of Galaxia. Kunzite and Zoisite have been reborn, but they live a somewhat different life - until things are set in motion that might cause a great evil to reawaken...

FanFics and Poetry by Lord Malachite

Email: - Lord Malachite

Silver Millennium Saga

This story series is refreshingly different. It's set in the time of the Silver Millennium and describes the normal life in Court told from the four General's / King's points of view.

A Funny Thing Happened to Me on the Way to the Negaverse

I happen to love funny stories, and this had me giggling far more than once :) It is set somewhere between episodes #013 and #014 and features mainly Nephrite. You'll learn how Nephrite got his Mansion and how Queen Beryl spends her free time!

Zoisite's Carnival

Okay, so this is sick, but then - so am I when I'm in the mood... Don't read if you belong to the more faint-hearted :)


I'm delighted! Lord Malachite does not only write gripping tales, but also moving poetry!

FanFics by Luna

Email: - Luna
Homepage: The Weird Sisters' Weird Website

Shattered Life and End

Luna is a fellow German author and employs a wonderful poetic style in her writings. This story is set immediately before episode #033 (Saigo no Sailor Senshi Venus toujou).

FanFics by Luna, Phoebe and Selene

Email: - Luna and - Phoebe
Homepage: The Weird Sisters' Weird Website

The Heir of Siol

This story is set after episode #035 (Yomigaeru kioku! Usagi to Mamoru no kako) and I must admit I already like it even better than Shifting Positions :)))

This one's for you, Selene

Actually this story was written as a kind of birthday present for Selene. I only uploaded it today because I hadn't been sure whether it was okay to upload it as neither Luna nor Phoebe told me what to do with it until some days ago :)

FanFics by Lyra Stormrider

Email: - Lyra Stormrider, Storm Empress of Crystal Tokyo

What would happen if the Dark Kings met...?

People who know me know that I love funny stories. If you do, too, read this cute, short bit of chaos which I don't want you to miss... *Still grinning at the idea*...

Nani!?! or What Did I Do To Deserve This?!

This 'fic is ...weird. I guess you have to read it to believe it...

FanFics by Marla

Email: - Marla Bain

A Day in the Life of the Negaverse

This story belongs to my absolute Dark Kingdom FanFics faves ever. Join our favourite four Kings when they experience an 'average' work day between retrieving the rainbow crystals, hunting down the Sailor Senshi and keeping up with Queen Beryl's special orders - only that you certainly never got such hilarious insights in their everyday life as described in this hysterical 'fic.

FanFics by Mary

Email: - Mary


This story closely follows the events of the Sailormoon anime. It starts parallel to episode #13 Onnanoko ha danketsuyo! Jadeite no saigo and shows a completely different side of Minako, Jadeite and some other characters we like...

FanFics by Mizuchiko

Email: - Mizuchiko
Homepage: Mizuchiko's Reflections

Honor and Doubt

This well-written story tells the tale of Zoisite and Kunzite in the Silver Millennium and helps you understand how it could happen that they fell to Queens Beryl and Metallia.

FanFics by Naru-chan

Email: - Naru-chan aka Eudialyte aka Jaime

Pretty Soldier Sailor Feud

Well, what can I say about this fic besides that it belongs to my all time favourite Sailormoon/Dark Kingdom parodies? Maybe: I love it - it's absolutely nonsensical and hysterically funny.

By the way, this version is slightly revised by Naru-chan, a bit longer than before and a bit funnier, if that's possible... :) I hope she'll manage to finish her research on Family Feud soon, so that she can conclude the story :)))


This really well-written story by Naru-chan has only one fault where I am concerned - it's solely about Nephrite and Endymion (who are my least favourite characters in the Dark Kingdom)... But as there are lots of fans of those two around, I decided I wouldn't deprive you of the chance to read this interesting glimpse into their relationship during the Silver Millennium :))

FanFics by Nemesite

Email: - Thorsten 'Nemesite' Geraldy

Nemsi is a friend of mine who is a big Star Wars, Saber Rider (thus 'Nemesis'), Babylon 5, Saint Seiya etc fan. He writes his stuff in German (as you can see...), but may I'll find the time to translate it someday...

Ein Jedi für Beryl (A Jedi for Beryl) is a screamingly funny Star Wars/Sailormoon crossover. After Nephrite's death, Beryl is a bit peeved about the constant failures of her remaining Kings, and she uses her powers to call a mighty ally from a galaxy far, far away: the Dark Jedi Nemesite...

Ein Jedi für Beryl [German]

FanFics by Pyrite

Email: - Pyrite aka Jessi Duffour

Sweet Dreams

When I looked into my mailbox one day I discovered this story. I read it and became more and more intrigued, and so I thought, maybe I should put it up to give others a chance to read it, too. Sweet Dreams is set shortly after Zoisite's death.

FanFics by Renee Markowicz

Email: flare@UDel.Edu - Renee Michelle Markowicz
Homepage: Renee's Sailormoon FanFic Page


Yahoo!! Renee gave me permission to post this beautiful piece of fan fiction on my page :)) Actually I wanted to ask her all along, but as long as Becca-oneechan's archive was online, I decided it was sufficient that the story was there. But now I am allowed to host it on my site *smiles happily*.

This story is highly interesting as it builds up quite a unique background about the Silver Millennium and its inhabitants. And what I liked best about it is that it has another sweet version of the first meeting of Kunzite and Zoisite.

FanFics by Sailor Jade

Email: - Sailor Jade (evil scout of the Negaverse)

A Teacher's Nightmare

This story introduces another student of one of our beloved Kings - Amethyst, who successfully turns Jedite's life into a hell. This story is mainly humourous, but ends on a far more serious note than one might have expected in the beginning.

Dark Kingdom Interviews

Sailor Jade is planning to write an interview for all the Dark Kingdom Kings. The first victims are Queen Beryl and Jadeite.

Only a Dream

Jadeite is an often overlooked character, and Sailor Jade wants to give him some more recognition. This story follows Jadeite when he pursues one of his evil plans.

FanFics and Poetry by Sardonyx


Marley is Dead

This story by Sardonyx was inspired by Charles Dickens and lets Kunzite encounter ghostly glimpses of the past.

Maybe Forever

This story is another short story by Sardonyx that gives us a short glimpse into Kunzite's mind - and a truly gripping and moving one! (This one is really *good*!)

Walk in Darkness

This time, Sardonyx gives us a short insight into Zoisite's motivations - what kept him going in the eternal night of the Dark Kingdom.

A Moment in Time

This takes place during episode #035 (Yomigaeru kioku! Usagi to Mamoru no kako), right after Endymion is abducted. Sardonyx shows a different, much colder version of Kunzite in her stories, but on the other hand this is a fresh alternative to certain sugary versions (such as mine, grin).


Sardonyx loves to write strange stories that you have to read more than once. This story is another bizarre glimpse into Kunzite's mindscape.


This poem reflects on Kunzite's loss after Beryl killed poor Zoisite.

This poem deals with Umino, Naru and Nephrite.

FanFics by Sarel

Email: - Sarel

Midnight Sun

This story by an all-new author starts out rather similar to Sweet Dreams, but believe me, it takes up a life on its own pretty fast :)

Darkness Returning

This intriguing story takes place in a parallel universe about 15 years after the defeat of the Dark Kingdom, and some things seem to have developped quite differently than in the 'official' story line :)

FanFics by Ten'oh Kou, Prince of Dragons

Email: - Ten'oh Kou, Prince of Dragons

A Typical Day in The Negaverse

This story is written from Jadeite's point of view, and it shows a very ...different side of Nephrite, too :)))

Poetry by Theresa Aluen

Email: - Theresa Aluen


I'd rather let those poems speak for themselves!

FanFics by Thomas McKee

Email: - Thomas McKee

St Patrick's Day in the Dark Kingdom

This fun story is the first Dark Kingdom fan fiction Thomas ever wrote. But it's nicely done :)

FanFics by WhiteAngel

Email: - WhiteAngel

Bis in alle Ewigkeit...

The second story WhiteAngel sent me, it deals with Kunzite's loss when Queen Beryl killed Zoisite. It's very sad and tragic.

Goodbye My Love

This story is a very sad and emotional story about Nephrite's death and Naru's feelings.

FanFics by Zeth

Email: - Zeth


This beautiful, emotionally dense story is set after episode #33 (Saigo no Sailor Senshi Venus toujou) and shows the strain that Beryl and her commands put on Kunzite and his relationship to Zoisite.

Divided Hearts

I'm absolutely happy that I seem to get only really good FanFic submissions for this page. Divided Hearts is a truly moving short story about Kunzite and Zoisite when they meet again in the afterlife.

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