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The fanfics on this page are written by E.Liddell. If you wish to take them you have to ask her for permission!

Email: eliddell@despammed.com - E. Liddell

Homepage: The Library - Here you can read not only Sailormoon Stories, but FanFics about the Record of Lodoss War and Disney's Gargoyles, too. And as bonus you can find some adult Dark Kingdom stories with more explicit scenes that don't fit the submission guidelines of the Dark Kingdom Home, but still might be of interest for you :)))

Crystal Weaver Stories

The Wars of Light and Shadow

Whoa, this story is just great! Imagine the Four Kings (aka Generals) waking up in the time after Sailormoon R and trying to figure out what happened in the meantime... Well, I won't spoil you the fun witnessing the epic battle against a horrible ancient foe, just read it yourself :) And don't panic, despite the use of the NA dub names, Zoisite is male, just as he should be.

The Wars of Light and Shadow II: All Darkness Met

The sequel to The Wars of Light and Shadow continues where the former story ended. The battle was won, but the war is far from over - and a old-new adversary joins the fight! Do not miss this story, but be sure to read the prequel before! (Sniff, now the story is completed as well... But you may rejoice - soon we'll get a prequel and another sequel :)))

Little Lies

Wow! I must admit, actually I had no time when I decided to peak into this story out of curiousity and because I'm a fan of the author - and then I found that I couldn't stop reading! This tale is absolutely marvellous!

BTW, Little Lies is technically the prequel to The Wars of Light and Shadow I + II, but I (and the author herself, too, of course) strongly advise you to read the other two stories first. But I can assure you - it's more than worth it!

Those Left Behind

This story takes place during the interstices of the first part of Little Lies, back during the Silver Millennium, and you should not miss it!

The Wars of Light and Shadow III: An Ill Fate Marshalling

This sequel to The Wars of Light and Shadow takes place six years after All Darkness Met and introduces the Dark Moon family. As the readers of the former stories will know, some things developped slightly different from the anime storyline, and I can't wait to see how it will develop!!!

The Wars of Light and Shadow IV: Choices

This story is as great as E.Liddell's other stories before! Finally you learn something more about the life at the Moon Court and in the Dark Kingdom, and about the fragile relationship between Moon Kingdom and the Dark Kingdom in the Crystal Weaver universe. This time an experiment by Zoisite goes terribly wrong, and the members of both Kingdoms have to work together to fight a terrible danger to the Earth Realm.


Chains is set one year after Choices and focuses on Alexandrite, the reborn brother of Jadeite, and Amber. It's an emotionally dense story that forces the two to sort out their feelings.

After the Dance

Set some years after Choices, this story focuses on Sumire and sheds some light into her relationship with another often overlooked character. I don't want to tell too much as it is too easy to ruin a short story by telling more about it than absolutely necessary :)))

Graveyard of Dreams

Wow. I must admit, I'm absolutely no fan of Minako's, but E.Liddell manages it in her current story (which is written from Minako's point of view) to make even her an interesting character. This story is very sad, very tragic - and somehow very creepy. Now I'm really curious about the story to follow, A Shadow of All Night Falling. (She's got wonderfully poetic titles for her stories, wouldn't you say?)

The Wars of Light and Shadow V: A Shadow of All Night Falling

With this story the Crystal Weaver saga will come to its final conclusion. A most powerful enemy appears and threatens all life as we know it. Will the Crystal Weavers and their allies manage to overcome this final threat as well?

Part 1: Mother of Demons

Part 2: Hunters of Worlds

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More Stories

Fall From Grace

*Sigh*... E.Liddell has a gift - if you start to read her stories you just can't stop until you have finished. This wonderful 'short' story (well, only compared to her sagas :) tells you a new, highly interesting version of Kunzite's and Zoisite's initital meeting.

The Watcher

Beautiful. That's the first thought that came to my mind when I finished this story. And while E.Liddell wrote that she cried while writing it, I can assure you it will move you as deeply when you read it, especially when you read all of the other Crystal Weaver stories before and learned to love the characters she described.

Through a Glass, Darkly

This story is another pensive tale that shows the effects of Usagi's ascendance to the throne of Crystal Tokyo through the eyes of her brother.

No Night Without Stars

Okay, I'm no fan of Nephrite's, but then, this never hindered me to put up a story where he was involved (and how could I turn down a story of E.Liddell? Okay, there's still a short one left which is slightly ecchi and thus not on this page, but I might still reconsider :). - After all, Nephrite does belong to the Dark Kingdom, as much as it might pain me [hehe, I *am* Zoisite on IRC (ircnet) after all]... This story does not belong to the Crystal Weaver universe, but it features a truly unique idea and takes place a while after Nephrite's death. I won't tell any more as it's a short story and I don't want to spoil it by telling too much!

Negaverse Plumbing

This story is a screamingly funny crossover that you have to read to believe it... Do it!!

Shade and Shadow

Shade and Shadow follows the life of Prisma and Sapphire, from the early time at Nemesis to the time of Malachite's rule in the Crystal Kingdom. Finally we get to know how life at Nemesis was!


*Sigh* Actually it was pretty late at night already and I wanted to go to sleep when I remembered that I still had to HTML this story. So I took a peek into it - and was hooked. Eclipse describes the beginning of a Youma's life, and how the protagonist tries to cope with it.

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