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(A collection of some of the funniest DK Stories ever!)

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The fanfics on this page are written by the Great Ace Otaku. If you wish to take them, you have to ask her for permission!

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Short Stories

Love is Enough of a Compromise for Now

Ah Dark Mother, I'm still lying under the table, laughing so hard that my sides hurt... :))) Ace Otaku shares my sentiments that it's highly annoying to see Kunzite paired up with anyone else than Zoisite (just as I don't think there's anyone else who should be together with the sweet little rat than the mighty Lord Kunzite himself) - and this divine parody makes fun of the stories of certain authors who think otherwise...

Best Served Hot With a Side Order of Fries

Giggle!!! Ace did it again! This 'semiofficial sequel to Love is Enough of a Compromise for Now' pokes fun at another story that IMHO never should have been written (I guess you all know it, and if not check out Kat's Dark Kingdom where it is hosted...) - But then, if we wouldn't have Best Served Hot, we wouldn't have had the chance to read this divine parody :)))

Silver Millennium Overdrive: The Honeymoon is Over!

This funfic is cool! (*still grinning after having read it*) It's set in another parallel universe, where Beryl never managed to get the fabulous four Kings into her clutches, and thus they could live their lives as they were supposed to - more or less happily ever after...

Today on The Ace Otaku Show...

Ever wondered what happens when the two most beautiful, feminine bishounen from Sailormoon face up? Witness their witty exchange at The Ace Otaku Show!

The Dark Kingdom Fourth of July

In Germany we don't have anything similar to the celebration of the 4th of July, but then it's nice to see that there are some other places outsite the US where it's celebrated, too - such as the Dark Kingdom according to this funfic by Ace!

Dark Kingdom STUDS!

Grin, somehow the Senshi (and of course our favourite Dark Kings) seem to be predestined to appear in game shows. After Pretty Soldier Sailor Feud, here you can witness the Dark Kingdom STUDS!. (Which reminds me that Shavana and I still want to write the Sailormoon/Dark Kingdom version of the game show Ready - Steady - Cook!)

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Story Series

How Kunzite and Zoisite Found Love in Cap'n Scruffy's Fish n' More All You Can Eat Seafood Buffet

How did Kunzite and Zoisite fall in love? This topic fascinates almost all fanfic authors who write about the Dark Kingdom. The Great Ace Otaku gives the event a cool humourous twist.

The Miseducation of Serpentine

This story picks up where How Kunzite and Zoisite Found Love... ends. When Beryl discovers the loving affection between Kunzite and Zoisite, she resorts to an absolutely unique 'punishment'...

The (Un)Real World

Yeah, the Great Ace Otaku is back after a forced little break (well, sometimes real life intrudes into higher purposes like story writing) and we are given another jewel of comic relief in the Dark Kingdom. (Gee, I just love those funfics by Ace Otaku! :))) It starts after episode #021 (Kodomotachii no yumemamore! Anime ni musubu yuujou).

The Kunzilla Saga

The Great Ace Otaku seems to have a similar weird sense of humor as I do, and thus I can't help but put up this totally whacked out crossover as well... Don't miss the caped Kunzitis rexasaurus!

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