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Stayka's Saint Seiya Archive

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FanArt, FanFics, and some more for fans of Kurumada Masami's wonderful anime series Saint Seiya

Stayka's Art Gallery auf deviantART

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Art Gallery auf deviantART]

My artworks - FanArt and original works in a cool gallery

Stayka's Dark Kingdom Home

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Kingdom Home]

Lots of FanFics, FanArt, and more about the kawaii villains from the 1st season of Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon

Stayka's Bishounen Gallery

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850 MB of Screenshots and other goodies centering on kawaii anime guys and other interesting characters.

A.C.Newton's Highly Unofficial Captain Future Archive

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Unofficial Captain Future Archive]

Well, here you may admire Captain Future aka the Wizard of Science, Space Hero and Man of Tomorrow :-) I even put up scans of some of the old pulp mags which I recently got via eBay.

Stayka's World of Darkness Stuff

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Stayka's WoD Stuff]

This is the home of my WoD RPG stuff (characters, quotes, lists and more in English and/or German).

Stayka's Anime Cel and Shitajiki Gallery

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High quality scans of anime cels and pencil boards from my collection

Stayka's Home Page

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This is my original website that opened on June 5th, 1996. It contains poetry, links and some other stuff. My other pages which are linked here on the site index were formerly parts of that site, but they grew pretty big and now are sites in their own right.

Stayka's Graphics Test Page

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Test Page]

This page contains my attempts with graphics programs (nowadays The GIMP): banners, headers, logos, favicons etc.

Stardust vs. Blackfire

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Artwork and stories of an SF-action adventure series by Shavana and Stayka (Language: German).

Staykas Hüter des Friedens

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Artwork and stories of an old SF-action adventure series by Stayka (Language: German).

Staykas Tarot Service

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This page contains a growing database on healing stones and crystals, information on incenses, my self-designed Tarot cards and of course information to contact me to get a live Tarot or Lenormand reading (for people from Germany, Austria and Switzerland). (Language: German)

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